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Expansions RequiredSOU and HOTU
HAKs requiredNone

Difficult Server is directed towards players with a more challenge oriented playstyle. ILR is turned on, Players may level to 40, however you must pay a trainer each level. Role Play is strongly encouraged, and moderately enforced. All Prestige classes are available and pickpocketing is enabled under special rules. PvP is by consent only.

  • XP is awarded at <25% the rate of other servers
  • Game difficulty setting is Very Hard (two points here very important - monsters/npcs hit for 200% damage, get attacks of opportunity on players using bows/potions/scrolls/wands)
  • Training stations are required to level - you will need gold to progress
  • True Res costs 50K
  • Items of Uberness are removed from the monster loot tables, Treasure Tables are drastically altered
  • UMD scripting be sure you have the skill to use the magic you wish to weild, scrolls and spells may fail
  • Group XP bonus is increased

A Loose Definition2) of Powerlevelling

A player or players of higher level, grouped with a lower level for the purpose of contributing XP to the lower level by killing monsters beyond the lower level players ability… exhibited by the fact the lower level player is not contributing toward the efforts of the group. (Gathering & Carrying Loot is not a contribution)
As it is impossible to determine a players actual Intent, each instance will be left to the DMs discretion.

Powerlevelling goes completely against the reason for and the design of the Difficult server, therefore is forbidden and will be punished.
Punishment will be deemed fitting by the witnessing DM, and can range from minimal XP loss, loss of levels, or banning temporary and/or permanent.
Note: Permanent bans for this offense will only apply to the Difficult server

for removing ILR items that cannot be used due to de-leveling, Difficult Strip server is at
Which will be ultimately decided upon by a DM witnessing the acts.
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