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Nordock: A Dawn of Heroes

Nordock: A Dawn of Heroes is a sequel module to the popular Nordock module originally created by Marc Richter. The intention of this project has never been to replace the original module, but to offer a different kind of environment to play in. There have been many flavours of Nordock with different rule settings and difficulty levels, but NADoH is completely its own project.

NADoH Timeline

The campaign setting of NADoH takes place about 2000 years after exodus. People living on the continent of Kaerthia are descendants of the survivors from the Old Continent that is now destroyed. There are lots of rumours about what happened back then - some of them are probably even correct but most are certainly not. One of the most common beliefs is there was a final battle between forces of Galdor and Blackavar - confrontation that laid the whole continent to ruins. Why such battle could have such devastating effect is not known - others say gods were involved, others that ancient artifacts used in battle caused it… There are lots of stories. Galdor himself could probably tell you the truth, but his whereabout are not known - he disappeared soon after helping the refugees to reach the new continent. The first years on Kaerthia were filled with turmoil and struggle. Much of the knowledge of the past was lost as people had to concentrate on survival.

Your Character

Your character starts in the city of Caddancia. It is the major city of trading on the continent and the second biggest city overall. Galdor on the south coast is the only very large city on Kaerthia, and it is considered to be the capital. However, Caddancia has become very popular because of its central location, which is optimal for trade.

The Ruleset

NADoH is not an easy module. Death penalties are harsh, level advancement is slow and gold is scarce. World outside the cities is hostile and travelling alone is not recommended. Even the roads between the cities are not safe - cities cannot spare enough soldiers to guard travellers. Magical items of great power are rare, only legends of items that once existed on Nordock remain. Artisans are valued and revered as they can provide items for people to use.

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