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Crafting in Nordock can be divided in two different groups. The different crafts you can do through the NWN system, and the ATS system used for more advanced crafting.

NWN crafting

Type of CraftingPossibilities
Craft armorYou can change the appearance of an armor, nothing else.
Craft weaponYou can't find any material for this.
Craft TrapYou can't find any material for this.
Craft wandYou can't find any material for this.
Brew potionWorks as per the NWN rules.
Scribe scrollWorks as per the NWN rules

ATS crafting
The ATS system is a bit clumsy to use. All stuff made can be sold in Mulrok. In short:
You can mine ore, there are several different oretypes. You start with copper and end with Adamantite.
You can mine gems. You start with malachite and end with emeralds. A good place to start are in the Black Hills.

Type of CraftingPossibilities
LeatherworkingMake leatherstuff from prepared skins. Maybe the best craft to start at low levels.
BowyeringMake bows. A good way to get a bow of your like without paying too much.
FletchingMake arrows to your bow or crossbow.
JewellryMake amulettes and rings from metal and gems. Best way to get loads of money.
TailoringMake clothes from leather. Best to learn this in cooperation with leatherworking.
ArmorcraftingMake armors from different metals. You’ll need a lot of padding, made through the tailoring craft.
WeaponcraftingStart with this early. Easy to learn and essential to make tools that wont break for nothing.
TinkeringThe hardest craft to master but you’ll need a master tinkerer for some of the other crafts.
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