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Tys'Alisaire Elven Clan


The Tys’Alisaire consists primarily of elves and a couple of half-humans. The name is old as the family history can tell and it is a clan of proud warriors and competent fighters. Their goal, if any, is to live their lives in peace and prosperity and to help keep evil out of Nordock if it ever presents a threat. The Tys’Alisaire are aligned with the Duke of Brosna and are counted as citizens of his country but because of their elven blood and long lives they do not consider themselves as such. The Duke merely built his country where they lived and they adapted by settling down in o­ne of his cities. It is o­nly the younger generations that truly think of the Duke as the supreme leader of the people of Nordock.

The Red Blades


The Red Blades are a group of mercenaries devoted to our cause, whichever that may be at the moment. Although we are not an evil organization we do not follow the laws of this land well.

The Silent Hand

Classic | Epic Server

The Silent Hand is a secretive organization, its membership is never publicily announced. It was formed by the Duke, so that he has agents and eyes, o­nes that are suitable to defending Nordock. O­ne thing the Silent Hand doesn’t tolerate is evil acts, and as such, no evil-aligned player will be able to gain access to the Citadel of the Silent Hand.

The Conclave

Classic | Epic Server | NADoH

The Conclave is a guild for mages who believe in sharing their knowledge with and learning from other mages. Not o­nly ingame, but also o­nt he forums, roleplay will be a very important factor. o­n the classic and epic servers, the Conclave is open to all. In NaDoH (a few era’s later), The Conclave has become a secretive organisation which is frowned upon by quite some nordock citizens.

League of the Golden Scale

Difficult Server

Founded by Duncan de Tantras, the Scale is currently run by Delisa Siger (NPC) with assistance from the Guiding Council (PCs). Inspired by Galdor, members are expected to protect Nordock, assist those in need and keep the Drow at bay. Prospective members must be nominated by a current member and approved by Delisa. Membership benefits include: access to special merchants and craftsmen, and assistance from the Guild militia. More information can be obtained by visiting the guildhall, located in the northwest corner of Benzor, and speaking with the Officer of the Day.

Master Crafters' Guild

Classic | Epic Server

The Master Crafters’ Guild is a loosly-knit group of crafters who have pooled their knowledge regarding the tradeskills, and created a forum whereby detailed information regarding the crafting skills can be exchanged. The forum is open to all who request access and have achieved basic mastery of any of the crafts (i.e. at least 300 ATS points in any craft, or 200 points in Fletching).

The Shield of the Sunlit Realms


The Shield of the Sunlit Realms is a force of volunteers who have sworn to protect the citizens of the Surface of Nordock from any enemy, be they from below or beyond. The Shield is open to all who make their home in the Surface world and welcomes any citizen, regardless of their Race, Creed or Religion, who is willing to stand with them.

Tribe of the Spirit Wind


A community of human barbarians steeped in tradition and ceremony. They live ideally with nature and shun the city where ‘big city troubles’ run rampant. While often found in conflict with neighbouring tribes they try to remove themselves from the political dealings of the city men and instead spend time crafting, story telling, drinking, axe throwing, wrestling, pillaging, hunting and preparing themselves mentally, physically and spiritually for their rites of passage.

Cult of Paragor

Devourer and Patron of the Undead

Classic | Epic Server

Followers of Paragor are those that are attracted to quick power and knowledge. We are serving the Lord of the undead to wreak destruction and hatred o­n Nordock.

Drow Houses

The underdark’s most dangerous deizens some would argue, are the drow. For the most part they are facticious and parinoid, each house consisting of its own warrirors, healers, and mages. There are noble houses, and houses of outcasts, merchant houses, and those who remain all but hidden. Go looking for a drow house to join, and most likely o­ne will find you.

Qu'ellar Amolin


Qu’ellar Amolin has existed for hundreds of years and has caused distress and bane throughout both the surface and the underdark. Their priestesses are cruel and cunning; devising sinister plots to further themselves and their house. Their mages wield a power that o­nly a few have dreamed about and use it to utterly crush their enemies in a swift display of power. Magic is not their o­nly strength. The warriors and assassins of the house can cause an equally impressive trail of destruction. The elite drow of the house are swift and deadly to any friends or foes that dare to slight them. They seek vengeance with a passion unimaginable and will make sure that nothing will foil their plans. Surfacers that have crossed their path are lucky to meet a swift and painless death for their methods of torture are some of the cruelest known.

Qu'ellar 'Lloknar

Difficult Server

El’lar ‘Lloknar is a band of outcasts composed of the scum of the drow underdark. Hardcore RP. In house PvP. Private Forum. Open recruitment.
Goal: Satisfaction for the roleplayer who enjoys time-oriented DnD.

Qu'ellar Errdegahr

Classic | Epic Server


  1. Defend the Matron with your life
  2. Honour the commands of all Drow females-Beginning with your own house
  3. Obey without question the orders of the Weapons Master
  4. Yield to all those of a higher station
  5. Do not flee or turn away from an enemy
  6. Protect your brother Sargtlin with your life
  7. Your life shall be laid down for your House
  8. Insults to your honour are an insult to your house and will not be ignored
  9. Fight with honour and valour against other Drow
  10. Humans are worthy of no mercy

Errdegahr is a traditional Lolth following house, and is the oldest traditional house still remaining in Nordock, dating all the way back to the wipe/server consolidation. Treachery and lies are expected and admired. Ranks exist for players who wish to advance in power within the house and drow society. Role Play is mandatory. No male clerics allowed, and females of any rank above warrior required to have a least o­ne level of cleric or Blackguard.

Bregan D'aerthe

Classic | Epic Server

To the homeless jabressen and jaluks,

The chaos of our dark realm, have rendered many among us homeless. We are the Bregan D’aerthe of Nordock. We offer to all of you a home within our ranks (provided that you don’t mind hardcore Rping, and some other criteria that will be discussed in character). As is we are a powerful and silent force that serves the interests of the Dark houses of Lloth, for a fee of course. Besides a share in the wealth, we provide the safe haven and guidance to the less seasoned, and a vast rank that will gladly join you in your hunt for srow (scum), and power.

Lloth Tlu Malla



Leader: Jhael Zerrinath

After the former house perished under the reign of Quae’sid, the youngest daughter took her rise. She managed to rebuild the estate in its earliest state, always wary for the possible dangers of the Underdark, nonetheless eagerly peering for new matters to increase the wealth and power of her house.

Qu'ellar Xierchien


Qu’ellar Xierchien is a noble and truly ancient house serving the will of Kiaransalee, perhaps one of the first true houses to embrace the Maiden’s will, Xierchien sought power, prestige and truly epic reputation. Being a Xierchien is about honour, trust and being the best drow you could be. We are a house that is highly inclusive and wish to bring the best drow roleplay experience we can.


Descendants of Darkness

Open to all evil denizens both surface and underdark.

Natures Brethren

Open to all neutral characters, specifically those who seek to preserve the balance of nature.

Just for the ladies

Real life ladies player group. Current group is focused o­n growing up together, epic server specific

Lil Valdrin

Private L’aelus player group, NADoH specific.

Clan D'gorah

Tha prood Duergar Clan whut been borned frae heavy times ‘n’ hard drinkin’. Tha Horde coom inter tha woorld tha Day tha Place Collapsed oonter itself n’ split inter tree or fer separate dimensions.

D’Gorah fight hard, drink hard, n’ dinnae take nae lip frae noo burm, ruhk, shirumund ner any fey froo tha call hisself or herself “Queen o’ tha Oonderdark” *spits* Ya follow them rools n’ tha impertant D’Gorah Rule #1 (”Ne’er, oonder ANY circumstance, are ye ter foller Col D’Gorah inter tha Fray”), ya be fit ter serve tha Horde n’ Laduguer…

Private Duergar player group. Presence o­n classic, epic, and difficult.

Scions of an Elder Age

Private player group focused o­n growing up together. Epic server specfic.

The Black Society

A group of the dark followers of Kiaransalee and Necromancy. Surfacer or Drow, Kiaransalee and indeed the power of Death, stands for cruel twisted vengeance, undeath and answering any slight a thousand-fold. The Black Society is home to the most evil, cruel, cunning, and twisted individuals Nordock has ever bore witness to. If you would embrace the power of undeath and vengeance contact DVengence with an in character story with the reason why your character embraces the powers of Death.

The Mith Baruk

Classic | Epic Server

The Mith-Baruk is a dwarven warband dedicated to the cause of justice and the preservation of the dwarven civilization as they see it. They organize raids against the more fearsome creatures of Nordock, battle the ennemies of the free dwarvenfolks, patrol dwarven lands and help each others acquire various materials for crafting fine dwarven wares.

The Mith Baruk believes that the dwarven culture in his ideal form has no places for roguish activities and distrust arcane magic. Dwarves who join in are by far the stereotypical dwarves who drink a lot and have no use for subtlety. They believe in hard work and honesty, gaining what they legitimaly earn and most of all that there should not be any places for thieves and their dirty tricks. They frown upon dishonnorable battle tactics such as sneak attacks or the use of “elven” bows.

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