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Nordock Fair

FIXME What is Nordock Fair?

Nordock Fair is a world-famous event where buyers, sellers and party folks from all over Nordock gather for games, trades, contests and other unique festivities. Available to all races and beliefs, the Nordock Fair is an event where colour of culture flourishes and all differences are set aside (temporarily) to produce an occasion unrivalled in versatility. Available for all servers from time to time, the fun is accessible to all characters and players.

Events and attractions

Nordock Fair is usually busy with attractions of different sorts. Bartering with other Nordockians is allowed at all times, as is battling in the arena grounds. Games, such as cock fights, ring toss, roulette and drinking contest are available throughout the event, as are the services of a bank teller, crafting tables (and as an unique feature, a special anvil to use to alter your helmet with!) and rare merchants putting out their best and finest wares, however, there are several particular contests of worldwide fame.

At the beginning of the Fair, you may enter and compete in archery in the special archery yard under the supervision of skilled judges and the audience including the Duke himself. The winner of the contest is rewarded with an awesome bow that can be acquired only here. In addition to this prize, the other two best are rewarded as well and all three top archers get their fair share of fame and glory, as is indicated by their names being shouted out in tribute by the Towncriers of Nordock.

There on, the Fair schedule follows no common rhythm. Often after the Archery Contest, the Storytelling contest begins. Stories, songs and poems from all over the realms gathered in a spot by the fire. Performing or listening are both worthwhile endeavors. The day’s best performers are rewarded and also make history, similar to the Archery contest winners.

Arena Fights and the Fair Tournament are also a famous event where the toughest fighters and uncanniest magicians gather to battle for the supremacy in several skill- or weightclasses. The winners of each category are rewarded and they too will earn honorary mentions and the Tournmaent winners are often considered Nordock’s very own superstars. A victory in the field of glory under the supervision and rules of the coordinator is a massive milestone for all duellists.

Finally the reputable Capture The Flag takes place in the special grounds where two teams are formed to compete for points gained for returnin the opposing team’s flag to your base. A highly strategic and challenging game for all those willing to risk their necks and enjoy the bloodshed. The Capture the Flag Tournament is considered the utmost team battling event in Nordock!

Where does the Fair take place?

Traditionally, the Nordock Fair is held on special Fair Grounds where everyone is invited. To enter one must take the portal found in the Gateway cave.

What server is the Fair on?

The event takes place on the Events Server, and they are never on the same day.

When is the Fair held?

Once a month for Classic and Epic servers, more seldom for Difficult. There are no specific dates or times for the events, they are announced a couple of weeks prior on the forums. The Fair usually lasts for so many hours that all timezones are able to take part.

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