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A trip to the north

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A trip to the north

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Going through a backup drive and found this oldie but goodie. Enjoy:

*Kent Leingod, Guard Captain of House Gray, Spellblade, and ex-ermmm... privateer o'the seas... (yeah... that's it...) headed north of the dukedom of Benzor. The night was young and his pockets were not as full as he liked them to be... the grizzled spellblade made his way through more and more powerful enemies than all but the strongest in this land could handle alone. His scimitar striking with intense strength and deep in to the hearts of his enemies nearly unerringly while his magic protected his strong -yet still mortal- body.*

This was not something new.... this was not a stretch of his abilities... The other house members depended not only on his strength and counsel, but on the gold he brought in. Gold came from his exploits at sea... those unclaimed or disputed waters in which no nation could claim fault (a merchant vessel from here or there in chaotic waters won't be missed). It also came from the orcs, worgs, wildmen, dragons, and giants north of Benzor... a constant threat should they be allowed to amass for long enough. Especially the wildmen and giants... he had made it habit to travel north and cut down as many of these threats as he could whenever he had the time to spare.

A few hours after he began his trek north, Kent barely noticed himself becoming comfortable: the orcs this night weren't giving him much of a fight. As he fought the latest pack of worgs to infest the forest just outside of where he knew the wildmen's village was, he was struck by something cold.... he almost didn't notice it, as it was absorbed by the magics he was sheathed in. Keen eyes snapped to the direction the cold blast came from as he put down the last of the wolf-like giants he had been facing: a white lizardlike form stood several paces away from him, breathing out another puff of chilling cold in it's attempt to freeze Kent in his tracks.

Kent did not hesitate in his attack... relying on the magics he had sheathed himself in to protect him, and the blade he had enchanted to destroy his opponent. He cut down the first white slaad only to see three others ahead... already lobbing their cold saliva at him. Thankfully, his magical protections held out long enough for him to close the distance to each in turn and pierce their hearts.

All of this did not come without a price... his sheath of magical protections was failing, having met his limit in sustaining their power. Also, he was tired having barely rested for nearly a day since he set out. He was now having difficulties propping his eyes open.

"Oy... this be strange.... but ah gots no choice but tae rest me eyes."

*He gathered some wood from the nearby forest and set a small campfire.
Then he called upon his faithful cat Tine: A large dark cat that was bound to him by magical means.*

"Awright... 'nuff o'lazin 'round... ye watches while ah sleeps... time tae earn yer kip."

*Kent slept by the fire as the great hound kept watch and the night passes uneventfully. Once Kent rose, he proceeded to sheath himself in a new scale of magic... he turned to the cat.*

"Thankee... ye best be goin' now... ahm guessin ye'll not want tae be where ah be goin."

*Kent moved to the north, where he knew the wildmen village to be... he was immediately on guard, as he saw that instead of being in tight formations, the wildmen were spread across the land. His eyes moved from wildman to wildman... this was going to be difficult. Their casters were spread out in such a way that there was no way for him to move between them all before they could get spells off.*

"Awright, 'en... FOR GRAY!"

*He hefted his blade and charged in... dodging from one wildman to another... using distance and his increasingly deplenished spellsheath to defend himself as he struck his enemies down one at a time...*

*At the end he could see that his spells had all but failed - this had been close. Now inside the wildemen's village, he looked to the lodge where the last and strongest of their refugees would be setting up defenses.*

*His magical defenses weakened, he moved to the door... logic told him that they were getting stronger than before, and that this would be their last holdout... where the strongest of them waited. He called upon his most powerful spell to protect him and strode in...*

*Sure enough, there was a strong force inside... stronger than he'd ever seen before from these barbarians... not only had they scattered their casters to slow him down... but they had monk that he recognized from the bandit tribes in the forest.... as well as a cavebear!*

*Without a word, the spellblade used the close quarters of the lodge to his advantage... screaming a spell that fell the majority of those who were now charging him. He charged in and fell many opponents... and then spied the cave bear... it's jaw aching to taste his heartsblood... as the great beast set upon him, Kent called on a magic he seldom use... a great fist held the bear in it's place as Kent dealt with the last of the monk-trained bandits... returning to take the bear out of this world.*

*Kent panted and glanced around at the carnage... it appeared that he had been negligent in his duties and allowed them to amass for too long... and now they had some sort of alliance with the bandits from the forest. He searched the place for any evidence or inkling to how such an alliance was made, but found nothing. The Captain used their portal to return to Benzor... a new sense of wariness about the wildmen of the north...*

//thanks, DM_Catapult for turning a routine loot run in to a heartpounding adventure! You had the perfect balance between not enough and too much!
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Re: A trip to the north

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//Bravo! Thank you for sharing it.
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