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Loyalty to the Silent Lord

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Loyalty to the Silent Lord

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As Kilik, Arisa and Ino make their way through the deep dark, facing all denizens contained therein, a growing shadow seems to loom over them, growing ever stronger and more dreadful with each passing moment, journeying beyond the path of kneeling and the desert wastes of the four days heat, the ground begins to quake violently as elementals of all manner begin to rise from the sands.

They all seemed to be doing well until the mythical earth elementals started showing up and as the fight pressed on for hours, Arisa began falling to the crushing fists of them, her strength fading before Ino and Kilik had stepped in to aid her, the trio easily surpassing the elemental.

Before too long, the elementals lay all around them at their feet, their remains smoldering from their devastated frames. As they continued on, three tokens appeared on the ground before them, resembling a black spider that carried the emblem of Lolth, Arisa quickly rushing over to it and Ino casually retrieving the artifact, Kilik raising a brow before contemplating them for a moment and shrugging as he picked up the third and final token.

As they continued along, Kilik continued to doubt himself for picking up the token, thinking to himself that Mask would not be pleased if he accepted the blessings of another deity, finally stopping and facing Arisa, he spoke out, " I care not for this Lolth, she has not granted me my powers and she has not aided me in any of my adventures or trials thus far, why should I accept her blessing?" Before he finished his tirade, he threw the token to the ground, symbolizing his disapproval for another gods hand being shown to him.

Apparently this turned out to be a terrible mistake, for the room darkened and the ground quaked violently as spires erupted from the sands and a flash of fire emerged from the middle of it, a voluptuous female drow standing in the middle of it; The goddess Lolth had shown herself to this group of adventurers and was not pleased with Kiliks rants, her hand emitting a small ball of fire that quickly grew larger and larger, bursting with all manner of energy until it circled around him and exploded at his feet, the ground nearly collapsing at the strength of the blast as Kilik maintained his standing position amidst the mighty quake.

"First you strip me of my shifting ability, now you cripple my strength, it appears that this deity of yours IS weak after all, for not being able to face me at full strength, how pathetic." Arisa quickly grew very angered by this and told him to take heed of his words should he persist in this immature rant,

It wasn't long before he regained control of his temper, letting out a low breath and pressing onward before an invisible force assaulted him, striking in the most vital of places and crippling him even more, barely allowing him to even walk. He cursed and sputtered but continued to press on, allowing his gear to aid in keeping him alive and able to carry on, his strength not returning for hours upon hours until he happened across a scroll that was able to restore him.

"I would like to offer my apologies, Arisa, for insulting your deity and your faith." She sheathes her sword and replies, "Can't get over this incessant thrumming, but could you repeat that? Couldn't quite hear you." Kilik grunted and limped forward a bit, "I said I offer my apologies, for insulting your deity and your faith." Arisa relinquished a sigh and drew her sword once more before waving it off. "You are a male and your foolishness has no bounds, but I accept your apology, but what remains to be seen is if Lolth will do the same."

-Excerpt from Kilik Blade
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Re: Loyalty to the Silent Lord

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A Challenge Made... A Challenge Accepted

In his belittling of Lolth, while in the realm below, Kilik challenged Arisa to a duel to prove Lolth's power. If she won, he would admit his error. If she lost, she would go on a date with him. While the thought of a date repulsed her, the opportunity to show Lolth's strength made it hard for her to refuse. The challenge was accepted.

After securing their exit from Oooss Ssaoo and the illithid city, and after taking care of what re-provisioning they needed to, Kilik and Arisa make their separate ways to the Mulrock arena to follow up on Kilik's challenge from their trek through the depths of the Lower Dark. Kilik gets there first...

Kilik Blade: *blinks and wakes up*
Kilik Blade: Feel free to enchant yourself as you see fit.

Arisa applies some enchantment to her blade, and some minor enchantments to herself. Kilik was already enchanted when she arrived.

Kilik Blade: Ready then?
Arisa d'Vilrath: Oh yes

The battle commences. Kilik changes into one of his favored forms as she charges him. After several minutes of limited success on both their parts, Arisa attempts to breath lightning on Kilik, an ability conferred by the armor she wears. Kilik is "shocked."

Arisa d'Vilrath: *surprises herself*

She then attempts to touch him with a grafted, bone white arm, but meets with no success.

Kilik Blade: Oooo., that tickles *

They continue to swing wildly at each other, sometimes connecting, but more often than not, missing. Of the blows that do connect, most are harmlessly deflected or do the most minimal of damage.

Kilik Blade: *yawns a bit* We're gonna be here all day.
Arisa d'Vilrath: Yes... call it a draw?
Kilik Blade: *shrugs* You'll still owe me that date.
Arisa d'Vilrath: Only if you defeated me.
Arisa d'Vilrath: Which clearly you have not
Kilik Blade: Clearly you're much more injured than I am.
Arisa d'Vilrath: Injured is not defeated
Kilik Blade: It's only a matter of time my dear
Arisa d'Vilrath: You haven't got that kind of time
Kilik Blade: Heh, sure I do.

The battle rages on for what seems like forever. Suddenly, Kilik seemingly gains the upper hand with a series of strikes that connect in frequent succession.

Kilik Blade: Admit defeat my dear.
Arisa d'Vilrath: Never!
Kilik Blade: You clearly have no chance of victory here, admit defeat.
Arisa d'Vilrath: You've not won yet!
Kilik Blade: Your injuries compared to mine say otherwise.
Arisa d'Vilrath: Life still flows in my veins! You have none!
Kilik Blade: *chuckles* Even the veins in that bony arm of yours?
Arisa d'Vilrath: Except that

The battle continues apace. While Kilik is initially proud of himself for the damage wrought, he suddenly realizes she's right, he hasn't defeated her, she is battling as fiercely as at the start. He decides to change things up.

Kilik Blade: *sighs* This is beginning to annoy me.
Arisa d'Vilrath: You think I'm amused by that stupid permanent grin on your skull?!
Kilik Blade: *chuckles* Of course you are! You're so easily distracted by it!
Arisa d'Vilrath: Only in your wildest fantasies
Kilik Blade: Some of those fantasies might become realization tonight *shows off the skull-faced grin*
Arisa d'Vilrath: Keep dreaming grinning boy
Kilik Blade: Heh, dreams are meant to be realized dear, don't you know that? Why else would you allow me to so easily injure you?
Arisa d'Vilrath: I'll admit you are quite possibly the luckiest fool alive.
Kilik Blade: Lucky you say? Perhaps I shall commit to a much more devastating form then?
Arisa d'Vilrath: Do your worst

His form shudders as he contorts from a skeletal warrior into a large dragon. He begins breathing gas. Initially, Arisa begins to succumb, but she attempts to adapt. The fight continues a while longer, until she falters. Lolth's favor either leaves her for a time or she tests her, Arisa is unsure; regardless, she falters and falls.

After the arena clerics attend to her, she returns to the gladiator pit where Kilik awaits. He attempts to be gracious...

Arisa d'Vilrath: Hmphf
Kilik Blade: Well fought Arisa.
Arisa d'Vilrath: It was only your repulsive halitosis that saved you.
Kilik Blade: You are a worthy adversary.
Kilik Blade: *shrugs* You chose to accept the duel knowing full well you would be facing the full extent of my capabilities, it's quite admirable really.
Arisa d'Vilrath: Luck or not, you won. *sighs* I accept it.
Kilik Blade: Would you prefer a chance to redeem yourself for your deity?
Arisa d'Vilrath: Of course
Kilik Blade: This time without enchantments though.
Arisa d'Vilrath: You also?
Arisa d'Vilrath: No changing forms?
Kilik Blade: *nods* I will cast no spells *smirks* You would ask me to relinquish what I am trained for, that would be the same as asking you to fight without your sword.
Kilik Blade: But.
Arisa d'Vilrath: I am trained to use both spell and blade. How is that different?
Arisa d'Vilrath: If you wish to fight unarmed combat, so be it.
Kilik Blade: *nods* So be it.
Kilik Blade: Ready?
Arisa d'Vilrath: I will not use any "enhancements" or abilities, other than my hands.
Kilik Blade: Heh, alright, don't think I don't know what that means.
Arisa d'Vilrath: And I will refrain from letting death flow through the arm that fascinates you so.
Kilik Blade: *nods*

They attempt to strike at each other, gauntlets moving at high speed, seeking a mark. This ends up only spending energy as they are effectively evenly matched.

Kilik Blade: *chuckles* We might be here longer than last time.
Arisa d'Vilrath: Perhaps
Arisa d'Vilrath: If this is your so called date, it amuses me.
Kilik Blade: Heh, far from it.
Kilik Blade: I'm not so farfetched with my dates.
Kilik Blade: But you sure can take a beating, that definitely turns me on *chuckles*
Kilik Blade: Hmmm. . .
Kilik Blade: I have an idea.
Arisa d'Vilrath: I'm listening *said as ill tempered as ever*
Kilik Blade: What do you say to taking all our gear off and trying this? No rings, amulets, nothing, just our bodies? *grins maliciously*
Arisa d'Vilrath: You'd like that, wouldn't you
Kilik Blade: I would.
Arisa d'Vilrath: Very well, I'll play this game
Kilik Blade: It'd give me time to admire that divine bodess of yours *grins*
Arisa d'Vilrath: *strips completely*

Kilik strips himself likewise.

Kilik Blade: All set then?
Arisa d'Vilrath: Yes! *comes charging at you*

This time blows connect and damage is done. Kilik again appears to have the upper hand, his monk training in unarmed combat coming to his aid. But Arisa summons all her strength and the body and head blows begin to wreak their devastation. Kilik falls.

After the arena clerics attend to him, he returns to the pit. This time it is Arisa who awaits.

Arisa d'Vilrath: *fondly rubs her boney knuckles as he returns from the arena clerics*
Kilik Blade: *chuckles* That was fun
Arisa d'Vilrath: Yes... yes it was *having thouroughly enjoyed bashing in his face*
Kilik Blade: Alright then, now about that date.
Arisa d'Vilrath: *sighs*
Kilik Blade: A deal's a deal Arisa.
Arisa d'Vilrath: I am not going back on my word.
Arisa d'Vilrath: It doesn't mean I have to like it!
Kilik Blade: Very good then.
Kilik Blade: *shrugs* Fair enough, I won't force you to like it.
Arisa d'Vilrath: *snorts* As if.
Kilik Blade: As much as I'd want to *grins again then shrugs* But a deal IS a deal after all, no sense in re-negotiating our terms of agreement.
Kilik Blade: But since I'm the priviliged man here, and host as it were, you get to pick where we go.
Arisa d'Vilrath: Go? You can go to hell for all I care.
Kilik Blade: *sighs* Alright, gonna play hard to get, I see how it is.
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Re: Loyalty to the Silent Lord

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An Agreement Kept

Kilik Blade: Hmmmm. . .
Kilik Blade: *contemplates for a moment* Where to go. . . Ah, I know.
Kilik Blade: Perhaps you would accompany me to Kraag's workshop, and what do you eat, if anything?
Arisa d'Vilrath: Who is this Kraag? And I eat various things.
Kilik Blade: Kraag is one of the finest smiths Nordock has ever seen, he is a smith of legendary renown and even to look upon his crafts tugs at the very soul of your being.
Arisa d'Vilrath: Vegetables, steak, vlos d'horoloth....
Kilik Blade: *raises a brow* You'll have to educate me on the drow language.
Arisa d'Vilrath: *shrugs at the mention of Kraag* If he is so renowned, why have I not heard of him?
Kilik Blade: Perhaps you have spent too much time below the surface.
Arisa d'Vilrath: I doubt you'd understand. But if you must know, it is a drink. I believe it can even be found on such a pathetic place as the surface lands.
Kilik Blade: But he resides right here in this city, should I introduce you to him?
Arisa d'Vilrath: Fine. Let's see this renowned smith.
Kilik Blade: So you say that underdark food and drink is better than surfacer *knows the answer but just wants to hear it from her*
Arisa d'Vilrath: The drink, most definitely. I have found some food on the surface to be tolerable.
Kilik Blade: *shrugs a bit before turning* Fair enough, but yes, I will introduce you to him now.
Arisa d'Vilrath: A moment.
Arisa d'Vilrath: .. while I freshen up.
Kilik Blade: *nods*

She takes a brief respite from the earlier battle before they leave the arena.

Arisa d'Vilrath: Ready
Kilik Blade: One more thing.
Arisa d'Vilrath: *rolls eyes* Yes?
Kilik Blade: If you try to run, I -will- catch you.
Arisa d'Vilrath: Run? *laughs*
Kilik Blade: *grins* Glad we have an understanding.

She follows him to the Gateway Tavern.

Arisa d'Vilrath: *looks around the place*
Kilik Blade: This is the gateway inn, in the basement is Kraag's workshop, but as you can see, all denizens from all manner of planes come here for many things.

Killik casually points to the proprietor.

Kilik Blade: This guy's simply known as the Walker, don't know why they call him that, considering he does quite a bit of standing and not much walking but *shrugs* It is what it is I suppose.

They make their way to the basement where Arisa finally meets this renowned craftsman. She looks at Kilik, glaring.

Arisa d'Vilrath: You bring me to see a dwarf?!
Arisa d'Vilrath: *is incredulous*
Kilik Blade: This here is Kraag. Let it be known that should you choose to look upon his wares *glances over before sighing* You're not the first elf, nor drow, to visit him, what makes you so special hm?
Arisa d'Vilrath: Hmphf... it's a .... dwarf!!!
Kilik Blade: You wouldn't be -nearly- as judgemental if you saw his craftsmanship.
Arisa d'Vilrath: I doubt it.
Arisa d'Vilrath: I can't imagine anything that he has that I'd want.
Kilik Blade: *shrugs* So be it, as it were, I require a couple sets of gloves from him, and you'd be surprised, I'm sure of it.
Kraag The Great: Greetings, Kilik Blade. I am Kragg the Great, tell me, what may I do for you this fine day?
Kilik Blade: I have travelled far to seek you great one, word has it that the most powerful artifacts may be found here..
Kraag The Great: I see that you are an astute one. As it so happens, my coffers run low, therfore I shall permit you to see my collection for sale, however, be ye fairly warned!! All those that look upon my wares pay a heavy price. The lust for these things eats at the very soul of those who desire them..
Kilik Blade: I accept the risk!! Please allow me to look upon your wares..
Kilik Blade: Hm, you might actually find use in some of these items. . . I see at least 2 shields and a pair of gloves that would benefit you greatly.
Arisa d'Vilrath: Would they have thwarted that acid attack of yours?
Kilik Blade: Nay, but one of them would certainly have made my blows less painful.
Kilik Blade: And can even increase your physical fortitude.
Kilik Blade: Which, judging by your slim frame, you might find some use in.
Arisa d'Vilrath: Hmphf... I shall ponder on it.
Kilik Blade: Very well.
Kilik Blade: *does one last quick scan* Yes that should be all.
Kilik Blade: Anyways, lets go get something to eat, after delivering that beating to you and looking at these wares, I'm quite famished.
Arisa d'Vilrath: So your jaw is clearly still functioning with all your talk, even after I cracked it several times in that fist fight.
Kilik Blade: *shrugs* When you spend as much time as I do retrieving highly valuable magic items, you don't spend as much time worrying about injuries, lest it come from an ill tempered deity *grins and chuckles again*
Arisa d'Vilrath: *nods* Lead on then *secretly hoping to see him wince with each chew*

They make their way upstairs.

Kilik Blade: Hmm. . . .
Filandara: Welcome to The Gateway. Would you like a drink?
Arisa d'Vilrath: Yes. I'd like to see what you have for sale.
Kilik Blade: Filandara, what's the special today?
Filandara: Welcome to The Gateway. Would you like a drink?
Kilik Blade: Yes. I'd like to see what you have for sale.
Kilik Blade: Guess she's not in a talkative mood today *shrugs* Oh well.
Kilik Blade: What were you in the mood for by the way>/
Arisa d'Vilrath: Some steak is fine.
Kilik Blade: *nods slightly* And to drink? Some of that vlos d'horoloth?
Arisa d'Vilrath: If you can produce some, that would go well with the meal.
Kilik Blade: *probably butchers the pronounciation of it.*

Realizing they are not going to find it at the Gateway Tavern, they head outside.

Kilik Blade: Hm. . . Think I know someone who can help. . .
Arisa d'Vilrath: Actually, I have a small bit of business to attend to in the trade hall if you don't mind.
Kilik Blade: *shrugs* Not at all.
Arisa d'Vilrath: Since we are here.

She concludes her business and they head for the city gates.

Kilik Blade: *nods slightly and moves aside*
Kilik Blade: *pushes the gate open*
Samin Fynolt: Arrrr! looking to put wind to the sail are ye?
Kilik Blade: Yes... I need passage....
Samin Fynolt: Passage ye said... Benzor maybe?
Kilik Blade: Yes.
Samin Fynolt: Arrrr! looking to put wind to the sail are ye?
Arisa d'Vilrath: Yes... I need passage....
Samin Fynolt: Passage ye said... Benzor maybe?
Arisa d'Vilrath: Yes.

Once in Benzor, Kilik appears to be unsure of himself for a moment.

Kilik Blade: Sorry, memory's a little fuzzy, this way.
Arisa d'Vilrath: *suspects it's the beating he took to the head*

He heads for the eastern gate of the city and she follows. They make their way outside and enter the Wandering Badger Inn and Tavern.

Kilik Blade: *pushes the gate open*
Kilik Blade: *waves* 'Ey Grando.
Kilik Blade: Anywhere you wanna sit.
Kilik Blade: I'll grab the drinks.
Kilik Blade: *hands her a small bottle*
Kilik Blade: I believe this is what you were referring to?
Arisa d'Vilrath: Oh yes! *surprised that he obtained some*
Kilik Blade: *nods*
Arisa d'Vilrath: *sips at the drink, which reminds her of home*
Kilik Blade: *rolls his shoulders a bit before taking his helmet off and placing it in the seat beside him, one eye patch covering his left eye, opening a bottle of a red colored drink and taking a small sip of it before placing it on the table, motioning Priscilla over*
Kilik Blade: How do you like you steak, Arisa?
Arisa d'Vilrath: Rare *shows some teeth as she says it*
Kilik Blade: *nods and smiles a bit at that, Priscilla finally scurrying over and pulls out an ink quill and a piece of parchment* One rare steak for the beautiful lady here and I'll take one myself as well actually, also rare.

They sit there in silence for a few minutes.

Kilik Blade: *lets out a low breath and glances over with his one good eye* I know you're probably not enjoying this, but I am quite a bit, to have such pleasureable company for a change, sorry but Grando and the normal folk around here are just dull and are hardly noteworthy of conversation.
Kilik Blade: *he then picks up the bottle again and takes another sip or two before placing it on the table again*
Arisa d'Vilrath: With that last bit, we can agree.
Kilik Blade: *nods a bit* So which part of the Underdark do you hail from? Chaulssin? Loknar? Central?
Arisa d'Vilrath: My family once ruled in Chaulssin... but our matron disappeared, and left us to fend for ourselves.
Arisa d'Vilrath: I suspect assasination... it happens all the time.
Kilik Blade: *raises a brow before taking another sip* Disappeared hm? Was a body ever found?
Arisa d'Vilrath: No... it's possible she went on some grand undertaking as part of her original purpose. But without leaving word of it, we must assume the worst.
Kilik Blade: *nods a bit again* Of course, of course.
Arisa d'Vilrath: And whatever plans she may have had, she's taken far too long to implement them to matter at this point.
Arisa d'Vilrath: .. if she still lives.
Arisa d'Vilrath: You know a fair bit of the names of the cities of my people for one of the surface... how so?
Kilik Blade: Only natural *looks over as priscilla brings the two plates over and serves them to the pair, his eye looking over the steak precariously as he seemingly inspects it, a low sigh being released as he looks over to Pris before she attempts to scurry off* I said rare you worthless whore, how hard is it to throw something in the pot for a couple minutes?
Arisa d'Vilrath: *glares at the waitress as she picks up the plates again*
Kilik Blade: *sighs as he glances over to her again* Apologies Arisa, common sense is not so common amongst others of my race.
Arisa d'Vilrath: *takes a sip of vlos and calms herself*
Kilik Blade: *takes his gloves off and sets them beside his drink*
Kilik Blade: *also takes a sip of his blackcherry sauvignon* In regards to your earlier comment, I don't spend most of my time on the surface.
Kilik Blade: I am always seeking to learn more of the world around me, such is the nature of my kind and to learn all that there is to learn about the natural world, both above and below ground.
Kilik Blade: As it were, I've spent a decent amount of time in my travels in the Underdark, I've been to Gracklstugh, their northern outpost, the eastern realm that connects to your central city, and have only glimpsed Loknar and Chaulssin thus far.
Arisa d'Vilrath: Best to stay clear of those cities if you wish to live. Your kind would not be tolerated there, even with a guide.
Kilik Blade: *nods* I go there of my own accord, and am quite capable of handling myself in many situations.
Kilik Blade: *grins as he takes another sip of the sauvignon* As I'm sure you've noticed.
Arisa d'Vilrath: Luck in single combat is one thing, but there are many skilled fighters in those cities.
Kilik Blade: *Pris finally comes back with the steaks again, this time them being done right this time around* About time worthless whore, now go. *she quickly places the plates before them and scurries off, he then glances up and nods* You only saw a portion of my abilities dear Arisa.
Arisa d'Vilrath: The yathrin are not to be trifled with.
Kilik Blade: The yathrin, you say?
Kilik Blade: Pray tell, who or what are they?
Arisa d'Vilrath: *cuts a large piece of meat off the plate and consumes it voraciously*
Arisa d'Vilrath: I believe you call it a temple in your tongue... those of the temple.
Kilik Blade: Ahhhh, ok.
Arisa d'Vilrath: *speaks with food in her mouth*
Arisa d'Vilrath: *then follows it with a swig of the vlos*
Arisa d'Vilrath: *points to the steak* Tolerable.
Kilik Blade: *smiles a bit at her lack of manners before letting out a low grunt and picking up the steak in his bare hands, tearing a corner off and ravaging the meat with his teeth before gulping it down and nodding* Definitely not the best I've had in a while.
Arisa d'Vilrath: The yathrin are the favored of Lolth.
Arisa d'Vilrath: *continues to work the steak*
Kilik Blade: Heh, we've already discussed my opinion of her, what should I fear from her favored? Speak plainly, now *grins a bit before tearing off another piece of steak and following it with a small sip of the sauvignon*
Arisa d'Vilrath: *looks up at him, glaring* I thought you had learned your lesson. Your apology is false then?
Kilik Blade: *shakes his head* No no no, you misunderstand.
Arisa d'Vilrath: *waits for an explanation, continuing to glare*
Kilik Blade: *sighs a bit before taking a sip of his drink* What I meant was, what is there to fear from her favored? What about them makes them more special than perhaps another matron or another high ranking official of a respectable 'house'
Arisa d'Vilrath: *rolls eyes* The matrons all hail from the yathrin you fool. They all are the favored of Lolth... they are her displays of power... except when she cannot suffer the likes of a blasphemer no longer and shows herself
Kilik Blade: *leans forward and clasps his fingers together and placing his elbows upon the table* I may be a fool, but I am one with a short temper, I have already proven my dominance in battle against you, should we exercise that again?
Kilik Blade: *takes another sip of his sauvignon before leaning back* Now then.
Kilik Blade: Explain to me why there are so many 'favored' of Lolth, or is it like that because matrons and these yathrin die so quickly that she is always seeking another?
Arisa d'Vilrath: I... am no yathrin. But the Valsharess d'lil Hor'oloth seeks those that are strong. Those that sit idle lose her favor. It has always been thus. To assume it weakness is the height of folly.
Kilik Blade: *nods a bit and begins to connect the dots* I see then, the lazy die off and the vigilant or aggresive ones become favored *shrugs a bit and nods then* That's a respectable code of conduct.
Arisa d'Vilrath: Finally!
Arisa d'Vilrath: The fool gains some wisdom.
Kilik Blade: *raises a brow then* As I mentioned earlier, you are a respectable fighter, but perhaps those other denizens of your race and other dwellers of the underdark that we encountered yesterday were, as I would call it, the lazy ones of your society?
Kilik Blade: *lets out a low rbeath before taking another sip of sauvignon, motioning Pris over as he orders another round of drinks*
Arisa d'Vilrath: They are all heretics and seek out a meager existence where they can
Kilik Blade: I see. . .
Kilik Blade: *nods* And your mages and priestesses, they are quite reputable in their power, though the ones we encountered last night seem to lack. . . Strength and conviction.
Arisa d'Vilrath: They have lost the favor of Lolth... if they ever had it.
Kilik Blade: *nods slightly* Of course.
Arisa d'Vilrath: If I were yathrin, and my matron gone as she is, I would likely be put to death, or an attempt to do so would be made. A challenger to first house would not be tolerated. I am of royal blood after all.
Kilik Blade: *he would then raise another brow as Pris brings the other drinks* So you say that you are no Yathrin, yet you received her blessings last night, did you not? *he would settle back in the chair and take another sip*
Arisa d'Vilrath: But as I am not yathrin, and thus cannot rule a house, I can offer my skills to the highest bidder and live comfortably... as long as my skills serve.
Arisa d'Vilrath: Lolth still favors the strong, yathrin or not.
Kilik Blade: *raises a brow at that and then something clicks for him* What if I were able to help you in becoming a Yathrin then?>
Arisa d'Vilrath: It is too late for me. My path was chosen when I was born. To become yathrin now.... it would be akin to being unmade.
Kilik Blade: *raises a brow* So, what you're saying then is, you must be born Yathrin?
Arisa d'Vilrath: *throws down the last bit of her steak and it disappears with not more than a few chews*
Arisa d'Vilrath: *nods, while taking another swig of the vlos*
Arisa d'Vilrath: One must be presented and accepted as a yathabban to walk that path.
Arisa d'Vilrath: Most matrons would not their daughters headed that way, as they would one day be challengers in their own right to lead the house. But Lolth's will must be done, and some daughters are still chosen to be yathaban.
Arisa d'Vilrath: *would not want
Kilik Blade: I believe an explanation is in order, because to me, strength is defined by ones progress and actions during their existance *sighs a bit* Glad I don't have to deal with the politics of your people, I'd surely lose my mind, the fact of having to be born as a godborn or favored of a god is to test the very hand of fate itself.
Arisa d'Vilrath: As a male, you would occupy the lowest rungs of my society. Only through strength or extreme cunning do males have any positions of merit at all.
Arisa d'Vilrath: As it should be.
Kilik Blade: *nods* A respectable mentality to be sure.
Kilik Blade: . . .
Kilik Blade: Hm.
Arisa d'Vilrath: *finishes the last of her drink and stands up*
Kilik Blade: I believe that, in another life, we would have made quite a pair, but as you are of royal blood, and I am but a simple surface dweller, our kind would only clash, no matter what terms or strength of arms we came to. A shame really.
Arisa d'Vilrath: *shrugs* Perhaps our paths will cross again. But in the meantime...
Arisa d'Vilrath: ... has the terms of our agreement been fulfilled?
Kilik Blade: *sighs a bit and takes another sip of his sauvignon* I won't waste anymore of your time.
Kilik Blade: Thank you for accompanying me.
Arisa d'Vilrath: *nods slightly* It wasn't a total waste. The drink was at least good.
Kilik Blade: *nods a bit*
Arisa d'Vilrath: *fastens her helm* Until such time as we meet again.

She leaves the tavern, alone.
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Re: Loyalty to the Silent Lord

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Ino wandered the Underdark searching for a particular Drow she’d grown fond of but hadn't seen in a while. During her travels she came across Kilik, a human who epitomized all the arrogance and excesses of her kind. She’s ventured with him before and while he was powerful she found him lacking. He was with a Drow female whom he introduced as Arisa. She was heading out to patrol some abandoned areas and Ino agreed to go along. Ino’s motive was to continue her search, for Kilik the conquest of the female Drow seemed to be his.

There was considerable tension between the two especially when it came to rest stops and Ino understood why. She knew the male found the challenge exciting and the Drow reveled in the power of the temptation she presented. Ino kept apart and gave them their space.

Ino found that her and Arisa’s fighting styles were compatible. Cautious when moving forward and fast and efficient when the kill presented itself. Kilik, not so much. He rushed in and took reckless chances. As they entered a vast desert like area, mythical elementals and spiders assaulted them from all sides. Kilik, as usual rushed into the fray and Arisa and Ino hoped this would be the encounter that brought him to his knees. Arisa took a group on the right but more came around a corner and she got surrounded. She held her own against the elementals and Ino cleared her back and they fought methodically making their way toward Kilik. After several waves of attacks from the elementals the onslaught ceased. Each took the opportunity to catch their breath and assess any damage. Aside from singed clothing, the damage was minimal.

Suddenly, the ground shook and there appeared three tokens in the sand. Arisa bent over them and picked one up. It was in the shape of a spider and she praised Lloth, her Goddess. It appeared the onslaught was a test from this deity. Ino bent and picked one up examining it and noticed it had some value in helping see hidden things. She accepted the token as a tool to be used. Kilik picked his up and after a few moments threw it down and denounced Lloth’s favor proclaiming his allegiance to his deity Mask. Ino found this behavior rather peculiar. Those that dwell in this realm were all the playthings of the gods. Devotion to one or the other made no difference as the gods gave no devotion back. It is only at their whim anyone found favors or curses. Arisa got very upset with Kilik’s attitude and disrespect to her deity. Ino tried to impart some wisdom but it was like serving a really good piece of steak to someone without the palette to appreciate it…wasted. Just when it looked as though Arisa was going to attack Kilik, Llolth Herself appeared before them. Arisa immediately fell to her knees and worshiped Her. Ino, out of respect bowed her head. Kilik, the mortal fool, continued his rant. Ino moved as far away from him as possible not wanting the failings of one of her kind to be mistakenly applied to her as well. She watched thinking at any moment Lloth was going to strike him dead just because she could. To Ino’s surprise, the Goddess did not. The restraint She showed toward the gnat of Her existence was more impressive to Ino than Her wrath would have been. In the end Lloth prevented him from shifting forms and stole his strength so walking was a struggle. This was a much more fitting punishment as he could no long rely on his speed and power. Kilik was reminded of his humanity and lacks any true power in the face of a god.

It didn't take long for him to apologize to Arisa and make his peace with her. I’m sure Lloth spared not another thought for him after the encounter and neither wants nor needs an apology.

Ino eventually parted ways with them to continue her search and let them continue to play out their mating game.
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Re: Loyalty to the Silent Lord

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Great writeups guys :) Hope you had fun! I know I did...
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Re: Loyalty to the Silent Lord

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Fun? Psh of course it was fun, who DOESN'T have fun trash talking a goddess in her house? :P
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Re: Loyalty to the Silent Lord

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kill button..
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Re: Loyalty to the Silent Lord

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Lol, waiting for Lolth to come and curse him again :P
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