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More Nordock Storytelling

A place to share in-character stories and event recaps! All out of character text should be noted as such.
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More Nordock Storytelling

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Another contest entry from '05

The visitor

Burn the witch…One flash further Ash opened her eyes, still bathing in her own sweat. This was the second night she experienced this dream and although she couldn’t remember its content, the only sentence wandering her mind appeared to be clear. Only a minute after her awakening she heard a knock on the door and after a bored enter a servant hopped in.

Sir Williams is here to see you. The servant girl jumped up and down, apparently in a very enthusiastic mood. Ash sighed, rapidly getting out of the bed and thinking the concept “Sir Williams” over again. From the first day she had met him he seemed like a typical narcissistic dork making his appearance in every fairytale. His raven long hair adorning a cute face and his manners appearing to be noble.

Not only for that she despised him but also for his blind love for his pet, a large fish he had his servants move everywhere he went. How she could almost imagine his loving expression as he begged for the plump pet’s attention and how she would love to wipe that look off his face…with a scythe or something. That part of the plan she hadn’t thought out yet.

My lady. The servant girl reminded her and only a few minutes later a corset was hindering Ash’s breath. She puffed and took one deep breath, only to see a button of her dress fly through the air. It’s too small. The servant girl dumbly remarked as Ash already tottered down the stairs to see her admirer.

As soon as she entered the living room she knew she’d face Josephine again. Josephine was now peacefully floating in her large bowl, her pink rubbery skin contrasting with the black color of her eyes. The fish seemed horribly deformed, like an annex of someone’s brain. Which wasn’t unlikely. Ash thought as she looked at her “lover”.

How wonderful you’d have breakfast with me. Sir Williams slimily remarked, shoving the chair back so she’s able to sit. Another button flies through the air and Ash inwardly cusses before crossing her legs with a smile. It’s my pleasure… Ash added in thoughts… to push you down the stairs…before she elegantly took the glass of milk standing in front of her. So how’s Josephine doing? It came out uninterestedly and bumpy, like someone had made her swallow a dozen screws.

Next two hours she was in for a hell of boring stories, yet she found a bit of amusement in testing the elasticity of her drool. Then finally her redemption came as her father sat in the chair opposite of hers. He ignored the loud protesting crack of the wood and grabbed a piece of bread before grunting. It’s time the two of you got married. His glassy eye looked into his skull again while he was picking the bread crumbles out of his grey beard.

At his statement Ash saw three buttons of her dress fly through the room and her facial expression was stuck in between a disbelieving grin and a terrified, yet polite smile. With her eyes wide open and almost popping out the most fitting description would be…froglike. Her father jovially patted her on the shoulder. I can see you’re in for the idea! He bellowed through the cold medieval room. Meanwhile purple spots were dancing in front of her eyes as Sir Williams as well seemed delighted, softly rubbing her knee.

In panic she quickly whooped up, slapping away the hand resting on her knee before the last of the button of her dress gave up and with a thud landed on the table. One second later her dress was on her knees and her corset and long underwear were clearly visible. Oh god. Her father mumbled, his glassy eye popping out of his head. Oh god. Sir Williams murmured as well, although on another tone. We can wait with this until our wedding night, darling. He quickly added with a grin.

I don’t want to marry! Ash screamed, bashing the fish’s bowl in her anger. Leave Josephine out of this! Sir Williams now yelled as well before getting support from her father who now clamored. You will marry him! With or without the fish!

All of sudden Ash got a bright idea and with one swing of her foot she kicked the bowl of Josephine. The poor wad of meat crossed the air just to land in the brazier. While she tried to suppress the thoughts of a plate with a roasted Josephine on it, Ash cried out: Burn the witch with onions! She then whizzed out of the room, running over the bridge of the fosse and facing the wide world.

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Re: More Nordock Storytelling

Post by Xillie »

I have good memories of this player (edenaux). Her name is Esa Denaux and she's from Belgium. She played the Zerrinath matron as well.

Googling her reveals she is winning writer's contests in Belgium and the Netherlands. She should soon release her first book and with that enter the professional benelux writer's scene I suppose.
Here is a dutch interview of last july, where she won a science fiction, fantasy and horror writing contest last july. ... tPrijs.mp3

Maybe one of these days I dare contacting her, see if I can get her a working copy of NWN and/or register on the forum here.
(If someone else dares, please do :mrgreen: )

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Re: More Nordock Storytelling

Post by Nathan »

Send her a message.
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