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Help! The female Clerics of Life are getting naked with me!

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Help! The female Clerics of Life are getting naked with me!

Post by GWGuen »

I'm not quite sure how I should handle a situation so I thought I'd ask for opinions.

After being gone for a long time, I'm now running my Monk on the Enhanced Edition server. He's still fairly low level so I've gotten help from a series of Clerics of Life. They aren't doing quite what I've wanted and sooner or later they wade into fights and have gotten themselves killed when I'd rather they stayed back & used their slings (although at least once she saved me from dying when she did that).

This happened earlier this afternoon where we were in the West Benzor Slums fighting some Rogues. In this case, 1 of the rogues sneak attacked her. One second she's on the ground saying that she can't heal herself. The next second there's a flash of colors and she's standing there with only a bikini on & with 1 hit point. I killed the rest of the rogues, healed her, and then we left. But my questions is, what happened to her stuff?

I had a previous unfortunate incident where an Ogre scored a crit on me and sent me to the fugue. When I got back to that location, she was there (in a bikini again) but her stuff was all gone again.

This is a problem for me because in both cases I'd spent a fair amount stocking those Clerics up after they lost their possessions. Prior to this instance with the rogues, I'd gotten her a mace, a +1 sling, +1 chainmail armor, and a +1 small shield. And I'd gotten her most of that same stuff before the incident with the goblins and the ogre. And it all vanished each time.

What's expected to be done for these NPCs? Do we just release them when they lose all of their possessions? Are we expected to outfit them again? My monk is lawful so he wants to follow the rules. On top of that, I don't want to clog up the game with useless objects, either. There are already 2 dead bodies out there from my previous experiences. I don't want to create an army of useless NPCs out there for the server to handle.

Hopefully I'll get better at this and won't leave as many bodies of one-time henchmen in my wake in the future but I wasn't sure if I should let her go here or get her re-stocked with low grade materials?

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Re: Help! The female Clerics of Life are getting naked with me!

Post by Lliira »

Best option would have been to find her backpack. It would be in a spot where she had previously died. (Yes, the henchmen are buggy.) We can also reboot the server, so you could hire another, but they would only have basic gear.
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Re: Help! The female Clerics of Life are getting naked with me!

Post by Senectus »

All the mercs' loot/death bags are a little buggy. Eventually, if there is one of those bags out there, all of one dead mercs's stuff ends up in one bag. So if folks don't clean that up after their merc dies, it may mean if your merc dies, their stuff ends up somewhere unknown. Of course, if you merc dies, that often means you are dead or would be dead if you tried to recover their stuff, so it's understandable that sometimes it lingers in a spot for a while.

But overlooking that, yes, the merc's items usually drops in a bag where they died. You can load up the stuff and re-equip them with it, you shouldn't have to keep re-outfitting them.

Tip: If you can also afford a bag, put their original stuff in that bag in your inventory. Before you log out, take all the stuff you put on them, and store it in the bag and put their original stuff back on. That way, you don't have to keep re-investing in gear for them. When you log back in, or if the server has reset, you still have the set of upgraded gear to use for a merc.
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