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After several years, a return

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After several years, a return

Post by Creedmore »

Probably best to make 'several' read like "many"

RL being what it is, Nordock faded into warm yet distant memory.

Retirement brought with it the "Hey, I wonder if I can even get onto NWN servers any more" questions. I was delighted to find a version of the original Richterm Nordock. While I haven't been online at a time when anyone else is, this is still a fond walk down the path of memory.

Thanks for having the servers up for us.

*wanders off mumbling "Where in the 9 Hells did the elm trees go?"*
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Re: After several years, a return

Post by WafflesMcDuff »

Welcome back! It's always good to see old friends return.

Which server are you connecting to? I'm pretty active on NWN:EE Richterm's Retreat Epic
- New RR ServerHost
- Artyn Lavek (classic/epic/revenge)
- Autolycus Venerian (epic)
- Clyde MacIntosh (epic)
- Josh Goldberg (facebook)
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Re: After several years, a return

Post by Lliira »

We are hosting three of the originals - Classic, Epic and Difficult, plus the copy of Epic as EE, as Waffles mentioned. Although a few have logged in on each, it appears that Epic and EE Epic are getting the most traffic.

Welcome back!
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