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New Updates II

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New Updates II

Post by raradra »

Just to be clear, we haven't added the update yet so any changes you see are probably from a DM online. When the updates go live, we will warn you because you'll not be able to log in without downloading CEP and possibly a HAK.
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Re: New Updates II

Post by Richard_Uther »

I also need to note: There will be a lot of beta testing before we launch so you will get the chance of seeing the changes before the whole module is switched. Of course, some content will not be available on those tests, because we want to keep you surprised, but the new core system and some quests will be in.

And let me tell you right now, the new system is very sturdy and allows for quick updates. Once we have the main thing done, you will be seeing updates almost every day. We wanted to do the first beta test last weekend, but from the four designers we have, two managed to get sick and I managed to have electricity issues, so we couldn't get it ready in time. You know, the classic "Stupid real life, why do you always insist in getting in the middle of my plans"
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