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The Silent Sentinel

A place to share in-character stories and event recaps! All out of character text should be noted as such.
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The Silent Sentinel

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An enormous Iron Golem stands resolute in the flats, its pitless visor staring a thousand yards into the distance, slowly monitoring the happenings from near and afar, the ground protesting violently to its incredible posture as it begins to collapse beneath its weight, seemingly a staunch defender against an unforeseeable tide, only one could wonder, what is its true purpose here?

As the agent of the Silent Lord regards its surroundings, its metallic mouthpiece begins to open and close in rapid succession, occasionally leaking what seems to be a gaseous cloud of deep green poison, mere moments passing as it begins to envelop itself in this unknown vapor, slowly spreading out from its steel form.

The tide comes in, crashing against the shore, sucking the sands and grass and dirt and minerals back with it, gathering momentum and force as it continues to rise and fall, one small wave following another and another, gradually growing in size, the monstrous golem receptive of a brewing storm, the ripples seemingly miniscule in size only seem so from a distance.

"Let the waves of change bring unending strife to those upon this land, let it be the hour upon which all heroes, of darkness and grey and light risk all that is dear to them, and witness the impending doom that the Silent Lord will wrought upon them, and let all who are worthy stand triumphantly until the darkest of endings, for this is the hour that all kinds bound together, and fight for their way of life!"

-Excerpt from the tome of Blood and Iron

(( This is an ongoing journal, for those of you who wish to see an appearance in it, you need only interact with a very particular Iron Golem in game, and you shall be recorded in the endless memory of it :) ))
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