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Richard Uther is back

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Richard Uther is back

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Near Grando, one evening...

Richard Uther: Bloody thief
Richard Uther: 'ey, Skully, do ye live in this spot or what?
Thia Moonshadow: Finished with this man?
Richard Uther: with Grando? he's no man, he's a leach.
Thia Moonshadow: Agreed.
Richard Uther: 'ey, Skully! wakey wakey!
Richard Uther: I think he might be dead
Richard Uther: Mayhaps he's havin' one of 'em astral visions or sommat
Thia Moonshadow: Who is dead?
Richard Uther: Skully 'ere. He's jest blindly starin' at nothin'. Been like that fer two days
Thia Moonshadow: Oh. Well, he is breathing. *studies the skull mask for a moment*
Thia Moonshadow: Hmmm. Perhaps we could make that mask look better.
Richard Uther: *claps in front of Kilik's face* Hey! wake up from yer trance! I told ye not to talk to yer God over 'ere!
Thia Moonshadow: *rummages in her pack, and finds the burnt end of a torch*
Richard Uther: This berk is probably plottin' somethin' with Paragor. I told 'im to go to the woods fer that
Thia Moonshadow: *walks up to the man in the hideous mask, and begins to draw*
Thia Moonshadow: *soon you see a moustache and goatee on the mask*
Richard Uther: *points to the mask* ye should do a smiley face, he looks sad
Thia Moonshadow: Oh, right. *widens the thing's grin* Much better.
Richard Uther: Mayhaps eyebrows too, one higher than the other so it shows he's insane
Thia Moonshadow: Right, right. *applies more charcoal to the mask*
Thia Moonshadow: Yes....I agree that this is better.
Richard Uther: *rubs his chin while studying Kilik* There's still somethin' missin' I think. Can't put me finger on it
Thia Moonshadow: A soul? I think he is missing that.
Richard Uther: Oh, he has one. Doomed to the lower planes, but he has one
Thia Moonshadow: Right. Probably bargained it away, by the looks of that mask.
Richard Uther: *claps harder* Skully! wake up!
Thia Moonshadow: *shrugs* I will leave him to his trance. *whispers* You might try a bucket of water.
Richard Uther: Ahhh, pike it. I have some minin' to do

A short while later, the elven woman discovers something frightening in the woods nearby, as Richard returns.

Thia Moonshadow: Bugs!
Richard Uther: Aye. I found one under me bed once.
Thia Moonshadow: Bugs that size would eat your bed!
Richard Uther: Nah, it was stuck in the dirt.
Thia Moonshadow: Your bed? Or the bug?
Richard Uther: Both, I dinnae clean much.
Thia Moonshadow: *blinks* I see.
Richard Uther: Me wife did, but she passed away.
Thia Moonshadow: Oh. I am sorry to hear that.
Richard Uther: Why would ye? she was a half orc from the Lancemaster clan. She was hideous.
Thia Moonshadow: You were married to a half orc? *blinks again*
Richard Uther: 'course I was. Don't ye know who I am?
Thia Moonshadow: *shakes her head* Sorry, no.
Richard Uther: I'm famous 'round here! me name is Richard Uther, the Bard. I used to own that inn over there.
Thia Moonshadow: I see. That would make you famous, locally, for certain. I am sorry, forgive my manners. I am Thia Moonshadow. I am from a small village. We do not hear much of the cities, there.
Richard Uther: *Stretches while looking as if he's really not showing off* Pleased to meet ye. So what do ye do fer a livin'?
Thia Moonshadow: A living? Until recently, I helped with the family garden. I read a lot, and do not have much time for employment.
Richard Uther: What about hostin' fer special events? yer very pretty and I could use someone who is very pretty.
Malus Gray: *lays some paperwork on the table and begins writing on it*
Thia Moonshadow: Hosting? Would this be similar to a party?
Richard Uther: Aye, ye know. Greetin' the guests, servin' a few drinks. I'd ask Pris, but she decided to stick with that FAT BASTARD OF KAYNEN!
Malus Gray: *stops writing for a moment, and then starts again*
Richard Uther: It'll be a party alright. A bloody one!
Thia Moonshadow: *turns her face away for a moment*
Richard Uther: Dinnae worry, ye'll be safe.
Thia Moonshadow: Is this Pris your girlfriend?
Richard Uther: No, she was me waitress at the inn.
Thia Moonshadow: *nods* Ah.
Richard Uther: I told ye I was recently widowed.
Thia Moonshadow: Right. You did say that.
Richard Uther: The job's very simple, two orcs beat each other up. The guests bet on who wins. Ye just need to serve the drinks and be nice. I'll give ye a fair cut.
Thia Moonshadow: would have me hosting a FIGHT?
Malus Gray: *reviews the document for a moment, and then signs it*
Richard Uther: *puts his index finger over his lips* Shhh, we call it Orchish Bonding.
Malus Gray: *folds it and slides it into his vest*
Thia Moonshadow: That's...that's...interesting.
Malus Gray: *slides his flask out of the other vest pocket, and takes a swig*
Richard Uther: 'tis good fer all of us. They blow up some steam, we get some jink.
Thia Moonshadow: *shrugs* If it pays fairly, I could try it.
Richard Uther: *rubs his hands in excitement*
Richard Uther: Good! I'll let ye know.
Thia Moonshadow: Alright.
Richard Uther: I still need Skully out of his trance. Bloody hells.
Thia Moonshadow: That is just strange.
Malus Gray: *glances across the table, at the two*
Richard Uther: We're goin' to have undead 'ere soon. I can feel it.
Thia Moonshadow: I believe that we already do. *glares at the skull-masked man*
Richard Uther: *chuckles* nay, I mean an army. He's been like that fer days, I reckon he's summonin' somethin'.
Thia Moonshadow: Perhaps he is paralyzed? Petrified?
Richard Uther: *raises his eyebrows* it could be!
Thia Moonshadow: I do not see anything here that could do that, but perhaps a mage got him.
Richard Uther: Nay, he moves. He's in trance.
Thia Moonshadow: Odd.
Richard Uther: Mayhaps Isilme is givin' me a welcome back garden adornment gift.
Thia Moonshadow: I do not think that would look good in a garden. Unless you have dead plants there.
Richard Uther: Odd? ye really are from a small town, aren't ye? Have ye met these Paragorite berks before? they are like that.
Thia Moonshadow:, no I haven't.
Richard Uther: They praise a God that brings back the dead. They basically pray to be dead.
Thia Moonshadow: *frowns* That is not normal. Living things want to thrive. Not die.
Richard Uther: 'course it's not normal. They are bloody insane.
Thia Moonshadow: Apparently.
Richard Uther: Which is why I'm keepin' Skully close. They are dangerous.
Thia Moonshadow: So you believe that the man in a trance, worships a deity which will bring him back from death?
Richard Uther: He keeps talkin' about the silent one, doesn't he?
Thia Moonshadow: I do not know. I have not heard him say anything.
Richard Uther: Trust me. He did before goin' into trance over there.
Thia Moonshadow: If you say so. I shall avoid him.
Richard Uther: *whispers* That other one is a shady one.
Thia Moonshadow: The merchant? Yes he is.
Richard Uther: *makes a nod towards Malus*
Thia Moonshadow: *looks over at Malus*
Malus Gray: *glances over at the same time she looks*
Thia Moonshadow: *shrugs*
Richard Uther: *whispers* Shady I tell ye.
Malus Gray: *turns back to his flask*
Thia Moonshadow: *whispers back* If you say so. I do not know him.
Richard Uther: I haven't heard a word from 'im. I think he might be from the silent hand or sommat.
Malus Gray: *watches the man in the skull mask for a moment*
Thia Moonshadow: Perhaps he doesn't have anything to say.
Malus Gray: *pulls out another piece of paper, and writes something down*
Richard Uther: *whispers* let's test him.
Malus Gray: *folds it and puts it in his vest*
Thia Moonshadow: first.
Richard Uther: *shouts at Malus* Hey, mate! me friend 'ere thinks yer very attractive an' wants ye to invite her a drink!
Thia Moonshadow: Oh for....!
Malus Gray: *glances over for a moment, trying to decide what to make of that*
Malus Gray: Oh?
Malus Gray: *stands*
Thia Moonshadow: *narrows her eyes at Richard*
Richard Uther: Just a drink mate. She's a nice gal.
Malus Gray: *looks the two over*...she seems more interested in you.
Thia Moonshadow: Hello.
Malus Gray: *nods slightly*
Richard Uther: Oh, she's interested in me 'cause I jest gave 'er a job. She likes ye fer yer looks and all the mistery ye seem to carry around mate.
Thia Moonshadow: Pfft!
Malus Gray: *watches a large red person run by*
Richard Uther: was that... a half orc?
Malus Gray: It would seem so
Thia Moonshadow: I would think so.
Malus Gray: *glances at skully*
Richard Uther: excuse me. I need to chase him. Ye two have that drink.
Malus Gray: Well...i'll let you be.
Thia Moonshadow: *shakes her head* He was married to one. Perhaps he thinks that is a relative.
Malus Gray: Hm, interesting
Thia Moonshadow: Oh, yes. Go about your business. Richard didn't think you could speak. Obviously, he was wrong.
Malus Gray: He's the paranoid might do him well one day.
Thia Moonshadow: Perhaps. Tell me...does that man look like a Para....Para...gorite? *motions toward "Skully"*
Malus Gray: ...he likes to wear the same color clothing. what do you know of him?
Thia Moonshadow: That is what death-loving people like to wear? I know nothing of him.
Malus Gray: Hmm, i see
Thia Moonshadow: Other than that Richard says he has been in a trance for two days.
Malus Gray: The last time I saw him, he would not be quiet.
Thia Moonshadow: *frowns* Good. Maybe he ran out of energy.
Malus Gray: Perhaps.
Thia Moonshadow: I cannot imagine listening to a man jabber, while he wears that mask.
Malus Gray: The mask is less concerning than some of his other forms.
Thia Moonshadow: I did improve the mask a bit. Added the eyebrows, the smile, the moustache and goatee. It is still hideous, but less so.
Thia Moonshadow: Other forms?
Malus Gray: *glances over* several.
Thia Moonshadow: Is he some sort of werebeast?
Malus Gray: Not quite, he's more of a shifter. I've run into several of them in my time - though less lately than before.
Thia Moonshadow: Shifter. That sounds wicked.
Malus Gray: Normally they like to conceal their abilities, but this one seems to like flaunting it.
Thia Moonshadow: Hmm. I will avoid him, then.
Malus Gray: *stares at skully for a moment*....fair enough.
Thia Moonshadow: I wonder if Richard caught the half-orc. I have a picture in my mind. The orc still running, Richard still chasing.
Malus Gray: seemed to be in a hurry. The creatures that roam the lands might have slowed it down, though.
Thia Moonshadow: Indeed. The large cats in the March will maul a person.
Malus Gray: Hm
Thia Moonshadow: *glances down at the claw marks still healing on the back of her hand*
Malus Gray: Spot Check, Roll: 3 Modifier: 31 = 34)
Malus Gray: it seems that you have first hand experience with that.
Thia Moonshadow: Yes. I was delivering supplies to a dwarf there, and was attacked.
Malus Gray: *nods* i see.
Thia Moonshadow: Also....orcs with blue skin will spit acid at you.
Malus Gray: You are still alive, so I imagine you are not totally without experience. *glances at the bow* archer?
Thia Moonshadow: *looks down at her bow* Oh. Only until I master more of my knowledge.
Thia Moonshadow: I cannot fight wild beasts with a flimsy frost ray.
Malus Gray: Hm.
Thia Moonshadow: My sprite is not strong enough to be of much help. A bow will suffice, for now.
Malus Gray: Keeping distance is generally a good idea, without a more substantial guard.
Thia Moonshadow: Exactly my thought.
Malus Gray: I don't think your employer is coming back any time soon. He has been away for quite a while now.
Thia Moonshadow: *shrugs* That is fine.
Malus Gray: *nods* well...i have business to attend to.
Thia Moonshadow: Very well.


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