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Drow Matron meeting taken from an IC event 2005

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Drow Matron meeting taken from an IC event 2005

Post by raradra »

I got this log from Joel in 2005 :) Lots of memories here!
Jhael Zerrinath: *Emotionless expression as she scans the area for unwanted visitors.*

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *motions to the table*
Lomothrulia Xierchien : Forgive the... false pretenses
Lomothrulia Xierchien : lil Assassins have many contacts

Dilynrae Phla'ta'yorn: *walks around the table*

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *motions to be seated*

Dilynrae Phla'ta'yorn: *sits down, crossing her legs*

Jhael Zerrinath: *Eyes the chairs before sitting down.*

Annah Zerrinath: *stands in the back, behind Jhael*

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Xas bwael...

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: *Eyes the drows around her before crossing her legs*

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Usstan would first like to open this discussion... With any news to be shared
Lomothrulia Xierchien : Anyone?

Jhael Zerrinath: *Places her hands upon the table and strains her ears, not wanting to answer as the first one.*

Dilynrae Phla'ta'yorn: I have no news.. of import

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *nods*

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: Nor do I..

Dilynrae Phla'ta'yorn: The shadows remain silent, for now.

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Ves bwaell... Usstan zhall deliver the first amount

Jhael Zerrinath: *She tilts her heads a bit and listens.*


Lomothrulia Xierchien : Kivvil have been caught trespassing,,,, stealing and vandalizing temples in the district.
Lomothrulia Xierchien : This has thus-far met with little response.

Annah Zerrinath: *stands motionless, listening and monitoring the environment*

Jhael Zerrinath: *She respectfully awaits the matron to finish her sentence.*

Lomothrulia Xierchien : So... What do lil Qu'ellars plan to do?

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: Xar, a respected assassin of mine, could scout about for leads to specific persons..

Jhael Zerrinath: Are we talking about organized raids here?

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Usstan have slain one this evening
Lomothrulia Xierchien : Raids is such a strong word...

Dilynrae Phla'ta'yorn: *her nostrils flare* I am surprised the surfacers can come in, and then leave with their lives intact.

Lomothrulia Xierchien : But xas, dos are on the mark.
Lomothrulia Xierchien : Thrar Gren did naut leave unpunished

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: *Grins* Ahh..Thrar..

Lomothrulia Xierchien : He stole two artifacts from lil Temple of Lloth...

Jhael Zerrinath: *Her eyes flash.* Leader of the red blades?

Lomothrulia Xierchien : He was executed after hunted down.
Lomothrulia Xierchien : It would seem so...

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: Bwael..

Jhael Zerrinath: *She narrows her eyes.* Bizarre...
Jhael Zerrinath: They've done some attempts to make an alliance with my house.

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Usstan also would share this letter... From the red blades... It speaks of an alliance against the duke with the Houses..... Preposterous

Jhael Zerrinath: I did not expect such low deeds from them...

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: As with mine..

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Ahhh Xas
Lomothrulia Xierchien : It would seem a common threat

Dilynrae Phla'ta'yorn: An alliance with surfacers... against other surfacers?

Lomothrulia Xierchien : What to do about these.... Ragtag bands....

Jhael Zerrinath: *She smirks.* Use them for our own purpose...

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Exactly
Lomothrulia Xierchien : This bickering has to stop if we intend to strengthen our borders...

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: There is one I know.. She could be used as well..

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Our houses are so offset we cannot even defend our common home...
Lomothrulia Xierchien : So if we agree in just one aspect... Ahh who would that be Ilharess 'Q'ulxar?

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: The kivvil that goes by Sianan.. She knows many and many follow her. She could be key in our attempts.

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Ahh Sianan... her name does not escape attention these days.

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: *Nods in agreement*

Dilynrae Phla'ta'yorn: By the dark, she associates with those pitiful illryhti that walk the surface, does she not?

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *frowns in disgust nodding*

Jhael Zerrinath: She's not to be trusted...

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Nau... But as a pawn...

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: Xas, but she trusts quickly..And will do what I tell her to..

Lomothrulia Xierchien : She is naut without influence....
Lomothrulia Xierchien : Ahh...

Jhael Zerrinath: She has too many influence on those surfacers....once she turns against us.

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: *Smirks* She will not turn against me.. I can assure you..

Annah Zerrinath: *listens with interest, but keeps her face emotionless*

Dilynrae Phla'ta'yorn: Mhmm, it would not take long to convince her you are one of the *shudders* surface drow.

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Indeed.

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: *Shakes her head* Let me tell you the story..

Jhael Zerrinath: *She hisses.* I will not even converse nor negotiate with such surfacer filth.
Jhael Zerrinath: I don't even want to hear the story... *Dangerously soft voice.*

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Perhaps use the Redblades could be... turned.... against her....
Lomothrulia Xierchien : Use them to remove her...?

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: *Eyes Jhael for a moment before turning to Lomothrulia*

Jhael Zerrinath: *She laughs without mirth.* We could simply hire them and blame someone else...

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: She does not approve of the Red Blades..

Lomothrulia Xierchien : The Duke

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: Xas..

Jhael Zerrinath: *She shakes her head.* The duke isn't to be blamed...
Jhael Zerrinath: He's to be assassinated by them.

Lomothrulia Xierchien : We could spin it.... The Duke feels threatened by her political influence...
Lomothrulia Xierchien : Xas... But turn the people against him. Then remove him.

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: *Nods*

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *cackles*

Jhael Zerrinath: *She shakes her head again.* I've managed to infiltrate a spy in the ranks of the red blades...
Jhael Zerrinath: The duke will be no longer.

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *grins* Ahhh ves bwael
Lomothrulia Xierchien : Bwael work indeed.

Dilynrae Phla'ta'yorn: Most interesting

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Well usstan has the shield covered.
Lomothrulia Xierchien : *grins softly examining her fingernails*
Lomothrulia Xierchien : Who is dosst spy?

Zerrinath: Yentl...a foolish surfacer brat without a moral that will sell her soul for money...

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Ahh the best kind indeed...

Jhael Zerrinath: Even more. She won't betray us.

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: *Smirks*

Jhael Zerrinath: Because I'm the one holding her father. *Merciless grin.*

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Ves bwael
Lomothrulia Xierchien : Cunning... ves cunning.

Dilynrae Phla'ta'yorn: Well thought out...

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *glances to Dilynrae*

Jhael Zerrinath: *She glares at the members present.* I wanted to bring another point to our attention...

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *nods* Indeed... So lil Duke is naut a factor for long.... Excellent...
Lomothrulia Xierchien : Oh xas ? *listens intently*

Dilynrae Phla'ta'yorn: *arches a perfectly groomed eyebrow* Mhmm?

Jhael Zerrinath: Even though it's hard to believe kivvil manages to infiltrate in our temple's can live with that.
Jhael Zerrinath: *You see the anger build.*
Jhael Zerrinath: But I cannot live with the fact one of them is actually living here!

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *grins wickedly* Oh xas....

Jhael Zerrinath: He even left a message on the board to mock with us...

Lomothrulia Xierchien : And what is its name?
Lomothrulia Xierchien : *glances to the board*

Jhael Zerrinath: Have a look yourself...

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *walks casually over*

Dilynrae Phla'ta'yorn: Perhaps it was an escaped slave who thought it was being clever?

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: Perhaps..

Jhael Zerrinath: It's not. One of my members met him...
Jhael Zerrinath: He barely managed to escape...
Jhael Zerrinath: And he wouldn't have escaped if...
Jhael Zerrinath: he wasn't so damn small.
Jhael Zerrinath: He managed to crawl through a tiny hole in a cave wall.
Jhael Zerrinath: We tried to smoke him out.

Annah Zerrinath: *casts a short glare at the board, then looks emotionless again*

Jhael Zerrinath: But the rat had already fled.

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *spits in disgust*
Lomothrulia Xierchien : *throws the crumpled note on the table*
Lomothrulia Xierchien : Biqzel-Doupy Tinitole

Dilynrae Phla'ta'yorn: Hmm

Jhael Zerrinath: *Has managed to ease her temper.*

Lomothrulia Xierchien : That insolent filch

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: *Repeats the name to herself*
Xyla 'Qu'lxar: I shall ask the Oracle to perform a spell which may lead to that thing's whereabouts..

Dilynrae Phla'ta'yorn: I shall go and ... speak to my shadow walkers

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Ahhh ves bwael

Dilynrae Phla'ta'yorn: They shall look for your rats
Dilynrae Phla'ta'yorn: *smiles to herself*

Lomothrulia Xierchien : So...

Jhael Zerrinath: *Slowly turns her head to Dilnyrae.*
Jhael Zerrinath: Not my rats...

Dilynrae Phla'ta'yorn: Ilharessen *inclines her head and departs*

Jhael Zerrinath: At least I was the one remarking him.

Lomothrulia Xierchien : lil Borders... Must be strengthened.

Jhael Zerrinath: And a cooperation is needed.

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: *Nods* Agreed.

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Xas....

Jhael Zerrinath: *She closes her eyes for a second before opening them with a flash.*

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Usstan zhall devote 10,000 troops to lil Lowerdark

Jhael Zerrinath: Ilharessen, even though we do not share the same faith...
Jhael Zerrinath: I recommend a temporarily -quit of fires-.

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *nods in agreeing knowing what Jhael is going to say*
Lomothrulia Xierchien : Very very wise words

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: I'm willing to set aside our differences in order to overcome the very things that threaten our lives..

Jhael Zerrinath: Therefor I add 5000 soldiers of mine to defend the borders...

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *nods*

Jhael Zerrinath: And send out another 200 spies...

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: I will also add soldiers..7,000 sound alright?

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Xas ves bwael

Jhael Zerrinath: *She nods in agreement.*

Annah Zerrinath: *flashes her eyes to Jhael for a moment*

Lomothrulia Xierchien : If dosst Qu'ellars handle the Middle Dark

Jhael Zerrinath: I will guarantee the safety of Chaulssin...No surfacer feet may smother that ground ever again.

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Unless a walking sacrifice *grins*


Xyla 'Qu'lxar: Usstan could guard Loknar.

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *hisses*

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: *Looks to Lomothrulia*

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Loknar is a mere outpost...

Jhael Zerrinath: *Narrows her eyes.* Indeed... But...

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Naut worthy of dosst fine guards... Usstan will handle it...

Jhael Zerrinath: It does provide a way to the surface.
Jhael Zerrinath: As it does towards the center.

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *sighs* True...

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: That is why we should set guards there..

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *nods back and forth*
Lomothrulia Xierchien : Very well.

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: Perfect place for an ambush perhaps..

Lomothrulia Xierchien : It has been invaded... before

Jhael Zerrinath: *She seems absent for a second before reacting.* Why lure them to our parts...

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: Xas.. I know..

Jhael Zerrinath: We can't take that risk.
Jhael Zerrinath: *A vicious grin adorns her face.*

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Naut since Kiaransalee wrested control... the undead are naut... welcoming *grins and gets right back on track*
Lomothrulia Xierchien : Nau matter
Lomothrulia Xierchien : It is as we decide...


Jhael Zerrinath: If I may propose...
Jhael Zerrinath: *She stands up.*

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *leans forward*

Jhael Zerrinath: Annah, the map?
Jhael Zerrinath: *Motions towards her adviser.*

Annah Zerrinath: *takes out a folded map and hands it to her matron*

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: *Looks at the tips of her hair as she waits*

Jhael Zerrinath: *Takes it with a calm expression before turning back to the matrons.*

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *eyes following the parchment scanning it intently*

Jhael Zerrinath: *Then nods as an approval towards Annah.*

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: *Slowly looks to Jhael*

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *stares with a burning gaze*

Jhael Zerrinath: *She spreads it on the table, exposing a map of Benzor with careful marks made upon it.*

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *her eyes flash with sudden interest*

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: *Stands to get a better look*

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *stands*

Jhael Zerrinath: This -as you may see- is Brosna...
Jhael Zerrinath: *She motions towards some red dots.*
Jhael Zerrinath: These... are the weak spots.

Jhael Zerrinath: *She points at the sea.*

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Ahhh

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: *Shakers her head* Benzor I believe..

Lomothrulia Xierchien : An undefended Harbour?

Jhael Zerrinath: Indeed.

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: Ahh Brosna..

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Excellent... This must have taken months...

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: Xas.

Jhael Zerrinath: Indeed...But let me finish.

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *nods*

Jhael Zerrinath: This is not the only weak spot.
Jhael Zerrinath: *She motions Old Brosna.*

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Indeed

Jhael Zerrinath: As the quarters of the shield are located here.

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *her eyes follow Jhaels finger*

Jhael Zerrinath: Those imbeciles think they do naut need to guard that part anymore...

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *grins remembering fondly*

Jhael Zerrinath: If we could only convince the minotaurs in this cave...
Jhael Zerrinath: That there is loot to gather in this part...
Jhael Zerrinath: Then we could create chaos.

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *cackles*
Lomothrulia Xierchien : And chaos is an indispensable ally in conflict

Jhael Zerrinath: The chaos would lead to a migration of guards towards the east part of the city.
Jhael Zerrinath: *She nods in agreement with Lomo's words.*

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *nods liking Jhaels strategy*

Jhael Zerrinath: As the guards handle the brainless minotaurs.
Jhael Zerrinath: We could send Mulrok's mercenaries to the southern part...

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: Very cunning..

Jhael Zerrinath: They come over sea, unseen as the fog sets regularly at this period of the year.

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Perhaps even the redblades?

Jhael Zerrinath: You're guessing my last part...
Jhael Zerrinath: *Wide grin.*

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Ahhh perhaps we think alike

Jhael Zerrinath: There's a forest west of the city....
Jhael Zerrinath: They could hide there. And once that time is ripe they will strike the city as well.

Lomothrulia Xierchien : This is most bold... But does not involve direct confrontation....

Annah Zerrinath: *quirks an eyebrow*

Lomothrulia Xierchien : This would cut our potential losses to nill...

Jhael Zerrinath: *She nods.* But there is more.
Jhael Zerrinath: *Her eyes flash for a second.*
Jhael Zerrinath: Everyone sees Benzor as the main city.... The core of Nordock.
Jhael Zerrinath: But my spies have been remarking something important...
Jhael Zerrinath: All the supplies gathered to Benzor...must pass Brosna first.
Jhael Zerrinath: sent**
Xyla 'Qu'lxar: *Nods*

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *a wicked grin crosses her lips*

Jhael Zerrinath: If we cut those of supplies there force will shrink.
Jhael Zerrinath: May I suggest even more?

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Please do

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: Go on..

Jhael Zerrinath: *She purses her lips together in pleasure and then speaks.* I've managed to make another alliance...

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: With?

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Dos are full or surprises this evening.

Jhael Zerrinath: Grissom, the foolish and greedy dragon living to the west of the city...
Jhael Zerrinath: Has joined my forces.

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Ahhh
Lomothrulia Xierchien : Most interesting.
Lomothrulia Xierchien : a Dragon...

Jhael Zerrinath: I've promised him a good meal and half of the profit of Benzor bank...
Jhael Zerrinath: He agreed after a short quarrel... *Faint grin as she remembers.*

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Indeed *chuckles*

Jhael Zerrinath: As you may know as well....
Jhael Zerrinath: There's a tribe living to the north of Benzor...
Jhael Zerrinath: Zhengi's, hated by the villagers of Benzor, regularly slain...
Jhael Zerrinath: And seeking for revenge.
Jhael Zerrinath: As they are discriminated, frustrated and simply bloodthirsty.
Jhael Zerrinath: The only thing we need to do is to flare their anger on the right moment.

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: Bwael idea..

Jhael Zerrinath: *She points at the map another time.* There's only one problem...

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: And what would that be?

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *looks at the map studying it*

Jhael Zerrinath: Benzor's armyforce is much larger than Brosna's...Even if they would be exhausted by the lack of food they would still be overwhelming.
Jhael Zerrinath: *She points towards an area next to the slums.*
Jhael Zerrinath: There are the army barracks.
Jhael Zerrinath: A wide spread field full of them... *She sighs for a second.*

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: I also have a suggestion..or a comment rather..

Jhael Zerrinath: *She nods.* Then speak.

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *nods*

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: There are those who support the kivvil.. such as Sianan.. I know I make it a point to bring her in this, but they follow her..
Xyla 'Qu'lxar: Let us get rid of her..
Xyla 'Qu'lxar: And any others like her..

Jhael Zerrinath: *She chuckles.* A wise decision.

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: And.. I know this..

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *grins* Xas their... leaders so to speak.... their Heroes.

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: If she fails to comply.. She now has a fiance.. *Grins*
Xyla 'Qu'lxar: We could even use her perhaps against the city for her beloved..

Jhael Zerrinath: *She closes her eyes for a second seeming completely absent.*

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *grins* My spies would indicate the same

Jhael Zerrinath: *Her eyes flutter open for a second.* Another suggestion wandered my mind...
Jhael Zerrinath: in a....

Annah Zerrinath: *seems to have become slightly restless, but stays in place*

Jhael Zerrinath: *She cracks her fingers before pursuing.*

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *eyes Jhael*

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: *Leans against the table as she eyes the map*

Jhael Zerrinath: If we could set a plague upon them...

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Let's do it.

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: *Grins widely*
Xyla 'Qu'lxar: The Oracle is most skilled in spells..
Xyla 'Qu'lxar: As I'm sure you two also have sorcerers..

Lomothrulia Xierchien : As well as my Necromancers

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: Perhaps they could join in together..

Lomothrulia Xierchien : My Necromancers.... are quite adept with..... disease...

Jhael Zerrinath: *A lop-sided grin.* Indeed....There has been a precedent in the past.

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: *Smirks*

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Xas... against lil surface....
Lomothrulia Xierchien : Mmm?
Lomothrulia Xierchien : Ahhh xas...
Lomothrulia Xierchien : That.
Lomothrulia Xierchien : *grins widely knowing full well who was responsible*

Jhael Zerrinath: Remember the chaos... *She purrs.*
Jhael Zerrinath: This would only aid us in our plans.

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: I agree..

Jhael Zerrinath: People dieing because the disease is pestering their body... Wide spread panic...
Jhael Zerrinath: A huge flee from the city.
Jhael Zerrinath: Leaving it fragilely behind.

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: Which means less strength to fight..*Grins*

Jhael Zerrinath: Indeed.

Annah Zerrinath: *takes a short but deep breath* May I ask....

Jhael Zerrinath: *She motions Annah to come closer.*
Jhael Zerrinath: Speak, jalil.

Annah Zerrinath: When will we attack the settlements?


Lomothrulia Xierchien : *sighs loudly*

Xyla 'Qu'lxar casting Fire Storm
Xyla 'Qu'lxar casts Fire Storm

Un'iebril Zerrinath: *quirks a brow*
Lomothrulia Xierchien : *eyes Xyla*
Lomothrulia Xierchien : Xas.... and....
Jhael Zerrinath: *Cold stare at the jaluk.*
Jhael Zerrinath: How dare you to disturb us? *Low hiss.*
Xyla 'Qu'lxar: *Clears her throat and glances to the jaluk*
Un'iebril Zerrinath: *lowers head*
Jhael Zerrinath: Leave us, jaluk. And report to Vic'iira what mistake you've made.
Jhael Zerrinath: I'm sure she'll give you a suitable punishment.
Annah Zerrinath: *chuckles in a short breath*
Un'iebril Zerrinath: *Nods , bowing low walking to the portal not turning his back to the matrons*
Jhael Zerrinath: That's our first purpose of this meeting, Annah...

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Ves bwael... Now
Lomothrulia Xierchien : Where were we?

Jhael Zerrinath: The plague. *Small purr again.*

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: The plague..

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Ahhh xas
Lomothrulia Xierchien : This plague would require an intensive ritual
Lomothrulia Xierchien : Months of resource gathering...
Lomothrulia Xierchien : If it is to be magically based.

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: *Nods*

Jhael Zerrinath: With a suitable sacrifice to be made? *Quirks a brow.*

Annah Zerrinath: *nods, still not quite at ease*

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *nods*

Jhael Zerrinath: Who did you have in mind?
Jhael Zerrinath: Sianan perhaps?

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Sianan....

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: Ahh yes..
Xyla 'Qu'lxar: A strong soul..
Xyla 'Qu'lxar: *Grins*

Drow Banker: Welcome to the Bank of Chaulssin! How can I help you today?
Nanien Dy'ner: I would like to deposit gold.
Drow Banker: How much would you like to deposit?
Nanien Dy'ner: 10
Drow Banker: Your gold is safe with me.

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: I can lure her anywhere..

Elrowade, Underdark Guide: Vendui', what can I do for you?
Nanien Dy'ner: I understand that I can hire an assistant.
Elrowade, Underdark Guide: Very well. The cost is 1200 gold.
Nanien Dy'ner: I can't afford that.

Annah Zerrinath: *glances at nanien*

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Mmmm

Annah Zerrinath: *hisses* Ilharessen....

Lomothrulia Xierchien : We should all gather a sacrifice....
Lomothrulia Xierchien : Xas?

Jhael Zerrinath: *If looks may kill, Nanien would be dead by now.*

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: *Glances to Nanien*

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *hisses* These proceedings are naut for dosst ears wael jalil
Lomothrulia Xierchien : Begone!

Nanien Dy'ner: *frowns* wael jalil?

Jhael Zerrinath: A house less drow? *Narrowed eyes.*

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Xun naut question me?

Nanien Dy'ner: *chuckles* House less?
Nanien Dy'ner: dos naut recognize the colours?

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: *Growls under her breath*

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *spits on her robes*

Jhael Zerrinath: It must be a small house, cave filth.

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Dosst colours mean nauthing in this company.

Jhael Zerrinath: Indeed.

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Now leave...
Lomothrulia Xierchien : Or enjoy life as a piece of art

Annah Zerrinath: *glares coldly*

Nanien Dy'ner: dos are naut in power to command such a thing

Jhael Zerrinath: We could indeed raise your suffering to an art form, jalil.
Jhael Zerrinath: So I suggest you to take your leave.

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: Is that so? *Grins wickedly*

Jhael Zerrinath: Before either of us proves you wrong.

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *sighs* Do dos know who we are?

Jhael Zerrinath: *Subtle movement towards the whip attached to her belt.*

Nanien Dy'ner: Vhaerun will show dos

Jhael Zerrinath: *Maniacal giggle.*

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Dilynrae would consume dosst soul

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: *Chuckles*

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Dos are an insolent Filch

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: Xas.. Now leave..

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *lets her anger get the better of her*

Lomothrulia Xierchien casting Deathless to Death
Lomothrulia Xierchien casts Deathless to Death

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *cough's as her dry throat prohibits her casting the correct spell*
Lomothrulia Xierchien : Leave! Nin!

Nanien Dy'ner: *Snickers* As dos wish

Jhael Zerrinath: *Hums a tune as she takes out the whip, awaiting to strike.*

Nanien Dy'ner: *Turns her back on the three houses*

Lomothrulia Xierchien casting Flesh to Stone
Lomothrulia Xierchien casts Flesh to Stone

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Pathetic Srow!
Lomothrulia Xierchien : Come

Jhael Zerrinath: *Smirks.*

Annah Zerrinath: Vhaerun filth...

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Insolence will naut be tolerated

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: Now..
Xyla 'Qu'lxar: Back to what we were discussing..

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *nods*

Jhael Zerrinath: I had another proposal to raise chaos...

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Dos are most cunning today

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: *Nods*

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Usstan am impressed

Jhael Zerrinath: *Cracks her fingers another time, the rude sound echoing through the caves.*
Jhael Zerrinath: What do surfacers hang onto the most?
Jhael Zerrinath: Except for heroes...

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: Loved ones..?

Jhael Zerrinath: Faith... *She mumbles.*

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *nods*

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: Ahh..

Lomothrulia Xierchien : xas... xas...

Jhael Zerrinath: The temple of life is the most frequented place in the town.

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *nods*

Jhael Zerrinath: I suggest a subtle move to be done...
Jhael Zerrinath: Mainly...
Jhael Zerrinath: *She smirks.* Kidnap the priest.

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *motions to stand close and see the map*

Dilynrae Phla'ta'yorn: *peers over the table*

Jhael Zerrinath: As he has no one to take his place.

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: Kidnap the priest.. Can be done..

Jhael Zerrinath: Or simply burn down the temple. *She shrugs.*

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: *Grins*

Annah Zerrinath: What about the dragon?

Jhael Zerrinath: He could aid us with that.
Jhael Zerrinath: He has enough... firepower lets say.

Annah Zerrinath: I meant....the gold dragon.

Jhael Zerrinath: Galdor... *Disgusted expression.*
Jhael Zerrinath: He tends to be quite annoying....
Jhael Zerrinath: *She glares at the other members.* Suggestions?

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Lure it away
Lomothrulia Xierchien : With the attacks on Brosna

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: Well once chaos occurs in another place, he will be sure to go and help..

Jhael Zerrinath: Wise words. *Short nod as an approval.*

Lomothrulia Xierchien : He would rush indeed to save his beloved city...

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: *Nods*

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Qu'ellar Xierchien has made some acquisitions lately...

Jhael Zerrinath: Share them with us.

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Mainly some ships...
Lomothrulia Xierchien : If they could be of use...
Lomothrulia Xierchien : X'irea has poured millions into destabilizing surface markets and trade...
Lomothrulia Xierchien : It's in chaos as is... One small push... *grins*

Jhael Zerrinath: And those markets will become even more unstable once Brosna has fallen.

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Exactly
Lomothrulia Xierchien : Starvation. Rebellion....
Lomothrulia Xierchien : The common masses won't be able to buy bread... The rich will become... hated...
Lomothrulia Xierchien : And the plague will make cures expensive

Jhael Zerrinath: Perfect...

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *grins* Turn them against themselves

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: *Grins*

Jhael Zerrinath: There's only one other slight problem...

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Ahh?

Jhael Zerrinath: The counterattacks of the shield.
Jhael Zerrinath: They will most likely do anything to stop chaos.

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: Pfft..
Xyla 'Qu'lxar: Well then let's try to single them out..

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Leave lil Shield....
Lomothrulia Xierchien : *throws a black book upon the table from her bags*

Jhael Zerrinath: *Awaits explanation.*

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *flips through it exposing multiple names*

Jhael Zerrinath: Prey for our assassins?

Lomothrulia Xierchien : We shall assassinate their members one by one... take their loved ones... bribe the rest

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: Xas.

Lomothrulia Xierchien : This is my life's work... a full and comprehensive list of its members.

Jhael Zerrinath: Very bwael idea.

Dilynrae Phla'ta'yorn: *smiles at the word assassins*
Dilynrae Phla'ta'yorn: Whatever darkness you need is at your disposal, ladies.

Lomothrulia Xierchien : The shield is on the brink of collapse... rife with corruption....

Dilynrae Phla'ta'yorn: The humans should know chaos and fear, and be afraid of the dark

Jhael Zerrinath: *Short nod at Dilnyrae.* We trust on your skills.
Jhael Zerrinath: Are there any more influential people to be named concerning Benzor?

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *coughs*
Lomothrulia Xierchien : Wisteria.
Lomothrulia Xierchien : That wench has caused more than her fair share of trouble...

Jhael Zerrinath: Where is she now?

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: Hmm..

Lomothrulia Xierchien : She rallies Nag and his minions more quickly than I can calculate
Lomothrulia Xierchien : She owns a Tailoring shop on the Surface...

Jhael Zerrinath: And it's not possible to eliminate her?

Dilynrae Phla'ta'yorn: I thought your goddess had a hold on her?

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Tedia... Tedia Genereth too...
Lomothrulia Xierchien : *nods* But she since escaped...

Dilynrae Phla'ta'yorn: Ahhh
Dilynrae Phla'ta'yorn: ... a shame

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Indeed...
Lomothrulia Xierchien : The blasted shield in all its meddling

Jhael Zerrinath: She has no beloved ones who could eliminate?

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Wisteria...
Lomothrulia Xierchien : She will not soon have forgotten the taint that once consumed her... Loved ones will naut matter.
Lomothrulia Xierchien : Merely threaten her with recapture...

Jhael Zerrinath: Then this threat is solved.
Jhael Zerrinath: What about that Tedia?

Lomothrulia Xierchien : She will be more than frightened...
Lomothrulia Xierchien : Tedia...
Lomothrulia Xierchien : Is... a problem... a free spirit

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: *Chuckles* Bribe that wench with a man..

Lomothrulia Xierchien : She has garnered much respect and admiration.

Jhael Zerrinath: She's married, is she not?

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Perhaps...

Jhael Zerrinath: Any children we could capture?

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: I believe he left her..

Lomothrulia Xierchien : My spies are a little... focused...

Jhael Zerrinath: Blackmail is an effective weapon...

Lomothrulia Xierchien : yes it is.
Lomothrulia Xierchien : Children....Children... *strokes her chin thoughtfully*

Jhael Zerrinath: Easy victims...

Dilynrae Phla'ta'yorn: Tedia has a girl, does she not?

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: There is one I know of..
Xyla 'Qu'lxar: Though I don't know the name..

Lomothrulia Xierchien : What does surface filth prize more?
Lomothrulia Xierchien : more than children...
Lomothrulia Xierchien : Mmm
Lomothrulia Xierchien : Enlighten us

Jhael Zerrinath: *She turns her head a bit before muttering.* Artamis....
Jhael Zerrinath: I believe her name was Artamis.

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *breathes deeply*

Jhael Zerrinath: Now what do children enjoy?
Jhael Zerrinath: C...candy? *She pronounces the word.*
Jhael Zerrinath: Maybe a simply trick to lure her...
Jhael Zerrinath: Make her trust us.

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: *Chuckles*

Jhael Zerrinath: And then lock her into one of our coldest dungeons...

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Oh my... *chuckles* It has been some time...

Jhael Zerrinath: *Merciless smirk.*

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Children make delightful prisoners...

Jhael Zerrinath: They're screams do bring joy indeed.

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Their screams... they tears... much more fulfilling and rewarding.

Jhael Zerrinath: Their**

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Xas xas...

Jhael Zerrinath: So sweet to hear their little bones crumble in the torture room.

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *looks over her shoulder and smirks at the statue*
Lomothrulia Xierchien : Seems we have a preliminary sacrifice.
Lomothrulia Xierchien : Perhaps this will make the Plague. easier...

Jhael Zerrinath: *She rubs her temples as she closes her eyes.* Indeed...

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: I'll be back in a moment..

Jhael Zerrinath: Maybe there's another thing we could do to raise chaos.
Jhael Zerrinath: Grando... *She breathes.*
Jhael Zerrinath: The greedy fat man in the flats...

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Grando?
Lomothrulia Xierchien : Ahhh
Lomothrulia Xierchien : Xas that srow...

Jhael Zerrinath: He's easy to bribe. And another source of supplies.

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *nods*
Lomothrulia Xierchien : Let us naut forget another bargaining chip

Jhael Zerrinath: Once we could convince him to introduce an embargo...

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *holds out her hand, in the palm a small necklace with golden wings*
Lomothrulia Xierchien : Xun naut forget...
Lomothrulia Xierchien : Usstan am a hero !
Lomothrulia Xierchien : *grins and chuckles*

Annah Zerrinath: *raises her eyebrows*

Jhael Zerrinath: *She blinks for a second before laughing.*

Dilynrae Phla'ta'yorn: *chuckles, low and throaty*

Jhael Zerrinath: How easy Galdor's fooled.

Lomothrulia Xierchien : lil srow... That Dragon...

Annah Zerrinath: We will still have to fight him in the end.

Jhael Zerrinath: Indeed...

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Perhaps...
Lomothrulia Xierchien : Perhaps.

Jhael Zerrinath: *She thoughtfully strokes her chin.*
Jhael Zerrinath: *Awaiting the inspiration flow to enlighten her once more.*

Annah Zerrinath: *casts a glance at the statue when she falls back to silence*

Dilynrae Phla'ta'yorn: While it is all well and good to destroy...
Dilynrae Phla'ta'yorn: Sometimes building our own resources is better?

Jhael Zerrinath: Of course...

Annah Zerrinath: *nods silently*

Jhael Zerrinath: While we are reinforcing the Underdark...

Dilynrae Phla'ta'yorn: loknar and this *waves her hand* Central gathering place are in ill repair

Jhael Zerrinath: We are planning an attack as well.
Jhael Zerrinath: *She nods.* This are plans for the far feature, ilharess...

Dilynrae Phla'ta'yorn: They would do well with more secure walls and entrances floors that can not be tunneled through

Annah Zerrinath: *hears the word attack with joy*

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Ten million...
Lomothrulia Xierchien : Qu'ellar Xierchien will pledge... a thousand labourers and ten million pieces of gold.
Lomothrulia Xierchien : That should... spruce this up...
Lomothrulia Xierchien : *looks around*

Annah Zerrinath: *stares at Xierchien for a moment, with slight awe*

Dilynrae Phla'ta'yorn: *smiles softly* Ahh, grand. We shall match your commitment, of course.

Jhael Zerrinath: Very bwael... I will add another 300 slaves to complete the works then.

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *nods sharply* Grand

The Oracle 'Qu'lxar: I greet you.

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Ahhh more company joins

Annah Zerrinath: *looks at the oracle*

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Vendui'

Dilynrae Phla'ta'yorn: That is good, we must look after our own, as well as seeking to destroy those that would stand against us.

Lomothrulia Xierchien : The Xierchein treasury is quite... adequate to deal with Home.

Jhael Zerrinath: I also suggest a restructure... *Careful voice.*

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: *Looks to the Oracle with a grin then back to the other matrons*

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Restructure?
Lomothrulia Xierchien : *grins wickedly*

Jhael Zerrinath: it's common that our troops are bouncing upon each other...leaving other parts unguarded.
Jhael Zerrinath: I suggest we make up a scheme with a clear role of turns...

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *nods* Quite so...

Annah Zerrinath: *nods to herself in agreement*

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Elaborate

Jhael Zerrinath: And also that our troops cooperate as we both have other specialties.
Jhael Zerrinath: all**

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *nods* and raises her hand
Lomothrulia Xierchien : One moment if dos will Jhael...
Lomothrulia Xierchien : There is another to join our company
Lomothrulia Xierchien : *nods*

Ssin'urn Errdegahr: So we meet at last.

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Vendui'

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: I greet you.

The Oracle 'Qu'lxar: I greet you.

Jhael Zerrinath: *Inclines her head as a greeting.*

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Please... Join us...

Dilynrae Phla'ta'yorn: *turns* Greetings.

Ssin'urn Errdegahr: vendui

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Now where were we?
Lomothrulia Xierchien : *nods to Jhael*

Ssin'urn Errdegahr: Uustan was delayed. It could naut be helped

Jhael Zerrinath: *Short nod, no hostility can be seen at all.*

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *nods* It is of nau consequence Ilharess.
Lomothrulia Xierchien : Ahem...

Jhael Zerrinath: *Distracted glare as she strokes her chin with a thoughtful look.*

Lomothrulia Xierchien : We were discussing troop deployment along the borders

Jhael Zerrinath: Ah indeed. *She nods.*

Lomothrulia Xierchien : We all agreed to increase it to maintain security against the kivvilen

Ssin'urn Errdegahr: which borders

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Our borders...
Lomothrulia Xierchien : As a whole

Jhael Zerrinath: Indeed...

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *motions to the world around her*
Lomothrulia Xierchien : Kivvil have been traipsing through without so much as an execution....

Ssin'urn Errdegahr: Udos now have such manpower?

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Udos must.

Ssin'urn Errdegahr: send the rothe *waves a hand*

Jhael Zerrinath: Concerning manpower...

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *nods*

Jhael Zerrinath: I might have a suggestion.

Dilynrae Phla'ta'yorn: *quietly watches the discussion*

Jhael Zerrinath: What if we tightened our grip upon duergar society?
Jhael Zerrinath: Forcing them to deliver us slaves to insecure our borders...

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *thinks* The filth...

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: *Shakes her head*

Lomothrulia Xierchien : lil Ironforn clan is already under my thumb...
Lomothrulia Xierchien : I shall deliver on that point.

Ssin'urn Errdegahr: tightened grip or nau, such srow can naut be trusted

Annah Zerrinath: It is risky....

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: Exactly..

Lomothrulia Xierchien : A valid point.

Jhael Zerrinath: They form a perfect meatshield if reigned correctly. *She objects.*

Ssin'urn Errdegahr: slime will find a way to slip through

Annah Zerrinath: Unnecessary risk, in my opinion. *speaks boldly*

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: I still would like to see surfacers kill each other..

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *grins*

Ssin'urn Errdegahr: that would be fun

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: Then we step in once the chaos has spread..

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Which brings us to our next point
Lomothrulia Xierchien : A plague.

Jhael Zerrinath: That was my first suggestion, indeed.

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Jhael thought would cause considerable unrest.
Lomothrulia Xierchien : But the ritual is long and intense for such an undertaking...

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: And would this plague affect us?

Lomothrulia Xierchien : If we spread ourselves too think with a war on the surface .... it could backfire.
Lomothrulia Xierchien : Potentially...

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: Hmm..

Lomothrulia Xierchien : But that is why the borders must close.
Lomothrulia Xierchien : These plans hinge on all those before them.

Ssin'urn Errdegahr: Bah. lil kivven are naut capable of organization. Naut even with lil shield do they pose a unified threat. Anything organized will prevail. anything

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Jhael has spent much time analyzing weaknesses of Brosna....
Lomothrulia Xierchien : Precisely

Dilynrae Phla'ta'yorn: *eyes widen at comprehension of the interlacing levels of the plan*

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *slides the book down to Ssin'urn*

Ssin'urn Errdegahr: *glances at it and nods*

Lomothrulia Xierchien : That is why we cripple their ranks to be sure.

Ssin'urn Errdegahr: indeed

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: Usstan still think we need to rid the surface of their so-called heroes..
Xyla 'Qu'lxar: Then they will have no organization for sure..

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Indeed.

Jhael Zerrinath: I wonder... *Thoughtful look.*

Lomothrulia Xierchien : This must all be planned carefully. Kill one hero... more come from the background...
Lomothrulia Xierchien : Xas ?

Ssin'urn Errdegahr: pfft more wannabe heroes perhaps. Nau trouble at all

Jhael Zerrinath: Isn't there a stone in the middle of Benzor with the names of the heroes marked into it?

Ssin'urn Errdegahr: there is one in chaulssin as well

Jhael Zerrinath: We may not underestimate the force of kivvil, Ssin'urn...

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *grins parading her wings*
Lomothrulia Xierchien : Foolish Dragon
Lomothrulia Xierchien : *smirks(

Jhael Zerrinath: *She nods.* Exactly.... But if we could only eliminate those idols....

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: Should be simple enough as you said earlier..

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *nods*
Lomothrulia Xierchien : To recapture our ideas.

Jhael Zerrinath: Is there anything more to be discussed?

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Oh xas...

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: *Grins* Besides, I believe I know someone who may get Galdor to leave Benzor..

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Anything else of common interest?
Lomothrulia Xierchien : Enlighten udos

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: I believe it would hurt the foolish dragon to come back to a city that has been destroyed while he was away..

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *cackles*

Ssin'urn Errdegahr: it certainly takes it's charges seriously enough to be pained and weakened by their loss

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Perhaps.
Lomothrulia Xierchien : *nods agreeing*

Jhael Zerrinath: Alright...
Jhael Zerrinath: I believe we discussed everything of importance.
Jhael Zerrinath: I would like to round out this meeting after a quick summarize of our ideas.

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: *Looks to the Oracle*

Jhael Zerrinath: *She nods towards Lomo, giving her the opportunity to give a quick summarize.*

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Phase 1) Strengthen Borders 2) Lure Galdor with a Plague in Brosna 3) Hire Grissom to attack for half of the Banks vaults 4) Eliminate the Bishop 5) Hire Redblades to attack Brosna along with Mulrok Mercenaries.

Annah Zerrinath: *looks at her matron, then at the others*

Jhael Zerrinath: *Is still patiently awaiting for Lomo to finish.*

Ssin'urn Errdegahr: bwael points.

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Essentially complicated... It will require... much... co-operation.
Lomothrulia Xierchien : Religion aside...
Lomothrulia Xierchien : Eliminating any threat and garnering slaves and fear is a common interest.

Ssin'urn Errdegahr: *nods*'

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Ves bweal.

Dilynrae Phla'ta'yorn: Mhmm

Jhael Zerrinath: Indeed putting religion aside was one of our purposes, Ssin'urn.

Annah Zerrinath: *frowns at the ground for a moment, then looks emotionless again*

Jhael Zerrinath: Any remarks?

Lomothrulia Xierchien : It is important nonetheless.... But...

Ssin'urn Errdegahr: *remains silent*

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *looks to each member*

Jhael Zerrinath: Then I conclude this meeting is closed.

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Our troops do not have to share the same ideals in order to march on the Surface....
Lomothrulia Xierchien : We have time to settle our Differences.... This merely stands that ours are put off until the imminent threat is dealt with *nods to Jhael*

Annah Zerrinath: *looks at her matron*

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Bwael... it is.... rewarding to see the Ilharessen here.... dealing with this...
Lomothrulia Xierchien : *nods to Jhael*

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: *Clears her throat*

Jhael Zerrinath: *Repeats.* Alright this meeting has been a true success. And everyone is free to take her leave.

Dilynrae Phla'ta'yorn: Indeed, the shadows are most pleased that the blood spilled in them will not weaken ourselves, for a while, at least

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: Come, Oracle.. We have much to discuss..

Ssin'urn Errdegahr: Aluve'.

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Score one for the dark!

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: Lloth kyarl dos.

Jhael Zerrinath: Vendaust. *Turns around and joins her personal guard.*

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *hands Dilynrae a package of Parchment*

Annah Zerrinath: *nods at her Ilharess, indicating that she will follow*
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Re: Drow Matron meeting taken from an IC event 2005

Post by berylgreen »

((This great! Thanks for sharing, Rara. Way before my time, but I do remember Thrar Gren. Wasn’t he played by AG/AngelicGriever? And The Oracle…fun stuff! My very first drow was a Zerrinath, just before everyone stopped playing.))
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Re: Drow Matron meeting taken from an IC event 2005

Post by raradra »

Yeah this was back when we still had a massive drow following and you could always find a dozen or more Drow online at any given time. When we'd have wars, where the surfacers would attack us in Loknar, we'd have 20-30 people on just defending Loknar lol. Awesome times.

For the record, Ssin'urn Errdegahr was me :) don't remember why I was late.
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Re: Drow Matron meeting taken from an IC event 2005

Post by Xillie »

WOW! haha,

I was reading this and I was reminiscing my own tiny insignificant memories of burglaring drow temples and crypts with my cavedwelling hobbit and the encounters with drow I had there and was wondering whether there was this minuscule chance I would somehow see something of that back here I stumbled on this!!:

"Jhael Zerrinath: *She glares at the members present.* I wanted to bring another point to our attention...

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *nods* Indeed... So lil Duke is naut a factor for long.... Excellent...
Lomothrulia Xierchien : Oh xas ? *listens intently*

Dilynrae Phla'ta'yorn: *arches a perfectly groomed eyebrow* Mhmm?

Jhael Zerrinath: Even though it's hard to believe kivvil manages to infiltrate in our temple's can live with that.
Jhael Zerrinath: *You see the anger build.*
Jhael Zerrinath: But I cannot live with the fact one of them is actually living here!

Haha, this is true, my hobbit rogue was practically living in the UD as a surfacer in those days :?

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *grins wickedly* Oh xas....

Jhael Zerrinath: He even left a message on the board to mock with us...

Lomothrulia Xierchien : And what is its name?
Lomothrulia Xierchien : *glances to the board*

Jhael Zerrinath: Have a look yourself...

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *walks casually over*

Dilynrae Phla'ta'yorn: Perhaps it was an escaped slave who thought it was being clever?

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: Perhaps..

Jhael Zerrinath: It's not. One of my members met him...
Jhael Zerrinath: He barely managed to escape...
Jhael Zerrinath: And he wouldn't have escaped if...
Jhael Zerrinath: he wasn't so damn small.
Jhael Zerrinath: He managed to crawl through a tiny hole in a cave wall.
Jhael Zerrinath: We tried to smoke him out.

Annah Zerrinath: *casts a short glare at the board, then looks emotionless again*

Jhael Zerrinath: But the rat had already fled.

Lomothrulia Xierchien : *spits in disgust*
Lomothrulia Xierchien : *throws the crumpled note on the table*
Lomothrulia Xierchien : Biqzel-Doupy Tinitole

Dilynrae Phla'ta'yorn: Hmm"
Jhael Zerrinath: *Has managed to ease her temper.*

Lomothrulia Xierchien : That insolent filch

Xyla 'Qu'lxar: *Repeats the name to herself*
Xyla 'Qu'lxar: I shall ask the Oracle to perform a spell which may lead to that thing's whereabouts..

Phew, good thing I didn't know about that :shock:

Dilynrae Phla'ta'yorn: I shall go and ... speak to my shadow walkers

Lomothrulia Xierchien : Ahhh ves bwael

Dilynrae Phla'ta'yorn: They shall look for your rats
Dilynrae Phla'ta'yorn: *smiles to herself*

I did indeed mock rather complexly; as a surfacer the UD scribe was hostile, so I actually scribed the messageboard post ("Yer all ugly and smell like rotten skuns!") in benzor on the surface, took it all the way down to UD central where I posted in hiding with a silver belt 8-)

Some days before that I crawled past some drow in loknar I believe, when they heard me yawning (unhide, pressed "yawn" voicecommand, back to hide) :roll:
After having fled one and a half cave being chased I used a polymorph self wand on myself to change me into a harmless pixie and (roleplayed that I) crawled through a tiny wallcrack ("I'm jussa lil' flysee") where they couldn't chase me ;) thumbs up for the RP of people involved back then. It's fun to see now things I have memories of but never read before, thanks for this post Raradra.


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